Do you have the attachment?Disaggment of menstruation is infertile?Animation Secrets The entire process of the attachment inflammation is a demon

"Reading the king deeply, I can’t be pregnant for three years when I get married. The doctor said it is attachment?"

"Reading the king deeply, why do you have the attachment to have a stomach pain?"

What is the attachment?Are the annoying symptoms of attachment inflammation come from?

The incarnation of handsomeness and wisdom, the only science popularization community designated the male god to read the monarch, come!The "Annexal Inflammation Mechanism" is broadcast!

The uterine attachment is a collective name of the female internal reproductive organs, which is the collective name of the tubes and ovaries on the left and right sides of the uterus.

The inflammation of the tubal and ovarian CP is called attachmentitis.

Annexal inflammation is actually the general term of a group of diseases, including tubalitis and ovarian inflammation.

Reading the king here will interpret them one by one.

Ovarian inflammation

Ovarian is very important for women.There are two main functions, one is to produce and excrete eggs, and the other is to secrete sex hormones to promote and maintain the development of female sexual symbols.

The ovary is located on the back and outer side of the uterus, like two small balls, one left and right.

The lens closer, and the surface of the ovary has a film composed of a fibrous tissue, called ovarian white film.

Cut the ovary, there are small "bubbles" in densely pale, this is the follicles.

Cut the follicles and see a round stuff, it is the legendary egg.

Let’s go and see how the ovary work first.

A young girl with about 300,000 follicles in the ovaries.These small follicles are silently secreting various hormones such as estrogen, androgen, and progesterone.

Every time I come to my aunt, the ovary will prepare for ovulation.

The ovaries should choose the most strong follicles in these follicles, which we call advantageous follicles.

The task of advantageous follicles is also very simple, that is, at the right time, send the eggs out of the ovaries. This is ovulation.

After sending the eggs, the superior follicles are only one empty shell, which is called the luteal in medicine.The luteum’s story is not over, and it still silently secretes hormones such as female and pregnancy.

After the eggs are sent away, if you encounter sperm, you will be pregnant. If you do not encounter sperm, you will come to the aunt.

If such an important ovarian is inflamed, what will the world look like?

The pathogen invasion, the Bai Bai suppressed, and ovarian inflammation.

When Dabai annihilated the pathogen, many inflammatory factors were released.If the inflammatory factor is stimulated to the nerves, the lower abdominal pain will come.

If there are too many pathogens and Dabai cannot win for a while, the body will increase Dabai’s combat effectiveness by heating up, and the symptoms of fever will come.

Inflammation will affect ovarian function, and the secretion of female and progesterone may also cause disorder, causing irregular menstruation.

In addition, ovarianitis can also cause gynecological diseases such as uterine muscleitis, fallopian tubeitis, pelvic abscess, pelvic peritonitis, etc., shameless enough to explode?

"Reading the king, what is the relationship between this ovarian inflammation and infertility?"

Reading the deepening of Junxuan refers to the calculation, this ovarian inflammation has at least two tricks in infertility.

The first trick, "Can’t ovulate"

Ovarian inflammation can cause ovarian structure and cause ovulation disorders.

Inflammation can also cause ovarian function to be destroyed, affect the normal secretion of hormones, and cause ovulation disorders and menstrual disorders.

Without the participation of eggs, what else do you talk about?

The second trick, "neighbors suffer"

Ovarian and fallopian tubes live in the next door, and inflammation is likely to spread to tubal tubes, causing tubulitis.

Under the practice of inflammation, the fallopian tube will cause the fallopian tubes to be narrowed or blocked. In this way, the eggs cannot be under the sperm, the eggs and sperm have no chance to meet at all, and naturally they cannot get pregnant.

Even if you are lucky enough to complete the fertilization and form fertilization eggs, you may not be able to return to the uterus in bed smoothly because the fallopian tubes are not strong, so that the fertilized eggs cannot return to the uterus to bed, and to get ectopic pregnancy.

"Read the monarch deeply, the male god! This tubalitis and ovarian inflammation, I have figured it out for the first time!"

"However, I still want to know, which pathogen can get attachmentitis? They are the disaster attachments?"

Regarding the principle of the onset of attachment inflammation, the amount of information is large. After reading the deepest reading, you will go back to organize your mind. The next episode tells you that it is good?

Don’t see it!mwah!

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