Do you dare to marry a woman who hasn’t done a marriage check?A indicator teach you

If you talk about a girlfriend for a few months, the family urges the preparation to get married. Before getting married, the editor believes that a marriage check should be done. It may be too hasty for a few months.What is

Xiaobian can provide you with a standard, and you can know how many heterosexuals have been in contact with your girlfriend.Whether it is a water -based population, whether it is camouflage in the past few months, this article is all dry goods.Men must read it carefully. Women can watch it selectively, otherwise there is a problem after marriage, but don’t hurt the spring and sadness of spring and autumn

Prior to this, I told you what a marriage inspection and marriage inspection. The marriage inspection is an inspection before the marriage between the two parties. The marriage check can help the health of both parties and the next generation.And contraceptive method

Now the new concept of marriage after zero pays great attention to the examination before marriage. Many boys say that Cai Li is given, and the marriage check must also be done.Although the country has no mandatory request for marriage inspection.If you don’t have a marriage check, do you really dare to get married at ease?Often the woman will put forward the requirements of all kinds of cars and housing and deposit. As a man, we must also have their own requirements for the woman.

Do you know what the GPA indicator on the wedding checklist is?Then I will give you a science medical knowledge for everyone. G in GPA represents the number of pregnancy, P is the number of delivery, and A is the number of abortion.For example, G1P2A3 means that it is pregnant once, produced twice, and has been aborted 3 times

So with this indicator, we know the roots.This is one of the standards for us to marry each other. Women’s inspection of self -love is the best protection for ourselves.Knowing each other and communicating with each other to operate a marriage relationship together, such a marriage will be happier, and such a marriage can be like the old bridge that has experienced a century.

In addition, both parties must be tested, and there will be no unfairness, and through a comprehensive physical examination before marriage, you can also find some abnormal conditions and diseases, such as infectious hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, and other more serious more serious.Disease.Young men and women who have these diseases can aggravate their illness if they get married, or pass the disease to each other through contact and sexual life. Therefore, they must be treated, and they must be married after the disease is stable.Do you think it is necessary to do a marriage inspection?

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