Do potatoes, adults and children are rushing to eat, it is too fragrant

Tudou is a nutritious food. It is not only an important food crop, but also a multifunctional food. It has rich nutritional value and delicious taste.

In the process of cooking potatoes, there are many ways and tastes to choose from, but there is a method that can make potatoes more delicious, that is, spicy boiling potatoes.This cooking method not only makes potatoes more delicious and delicious, but also meets people’s needs for food, so that people can also meet the body’s nutritional needs while enjoying food.

The method of making spicy boiling potatoes is as follows:



Edible oil

Dried peppers




soy sauce



Cut the potatoes into a piece of size in size and prepare to cook it.

Add enough edible oil to the pot. After the oil is hot, add the cut dried dried peppers, ginger and garlic to continue to fry.

Put the cooked potatoes into the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt, raw soy sauce and sugar, stir -fry evenly, so that the potatoes can absorb the flavor of the seasoning as much as possible.

Add an appropriate amount of water to cook the potatoes for about 5-10 minutes until the potatoes become soft.

Finally, stir -fry the seasonings and potatoes in the pot to install it.

The method of making spicy potatoes is simple and easy to understand, which not only allows people to easily make delicious potatoes, but also meet people’s needs for food.During the cooking process, you can not only add a variety of seasonings, but also adjust it according to your personal taste, so that spicy boiled potato flavor is richer.

When eating spicy boiling potatoes, the taste of potatoes is sweet and delicious, which makes people have endless aftertastes.At the same time, the added peppers and ginger and garlic can also add food fragrance and make people more appetite.During the cooking process, you can also add a variety of vegetables, such as vegetables, carrots, etc., to increase the nutritional value of food, making spicy boiled potatoes more delicious and delicious.

Spicy roasted potatoes are not only a delicious food, but also a method that can meet people’s demand for food. It can allow people to enjoy the body’s nutritional needs while enjoying food.At the same time, you can also maintain a healthy diet.

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