Do n’t you know if you are pregnant?These signs have been secretly hinting to you …

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We can often see such a lens on TV: the heroine who eats the meal suddenly rushed into the bathroom to retider, and as a result, he learned that the happy event came.

Pregnancy seems to be like this.But in fact, in addition to the pregnancy we know, there are many signals that can be prompted to be pregnant!

Signal 1

"Aunt Aunt" is delayed

Example delay in the holiday is the first feature of pregnancy. If you have been normal during the previous period, but this month is postponed for more than 10 days, so congratulations, it is likely that you are pregnant.

However, it does not rule out that some women may not have menstrual periods and disorders during menstruation.If this is the case, you can’t judge it accurately.

Signal 2

The chest feels painful

Pregnancy is a very magical thing. Once a woman is pregnant, there will be a lot of changes in their bodies. One of them is that the chest will become larger.Many pregnant mothers are more pleased and finally ushered in the second development of the chest.This is mainly due to the impact of hormone levels in pregnant women’s body. At the same time, this is also the preparation of pregnant women’s bodies in postpartum breastfeeding.

Signal 3

Easy to feel fatigue

I always feel tired and lacking. I ca n’t afford to do things. I just want to lie down and rest.If the mental head is usually sufficient, it may last for several days, it may be affected by progesterone.

Signal 4

The small belly has a feeling of falling

After forming fertilized eggs, the fertilized eggs develop and move to the uterus, looking for a place where the most abundant blood vessels are in the camp, and grow up.When fertilized eggs are rooted in the endometrium, it may cause the rupture of the small blood vessels, so it will feel that the small belly has a feeling of falling and a small amount of bleeding.Many people think that the aunt is about to come,

So I ignored it.

Signal 5

Frequent toilet

Women after pregnancy, because of the changes in the uterus, compressed the bladder, it is easier to feel urine, and the frequency of going to the toilet will increase.

Especially in the early pregnancy and third trimester, women will obviously feel this change in the body.If you do n’t drink more water, but you always go to the toilet, and you do n’t have a lot of urine each time, then you need to consider whether you are pregnant.

Almost all of the above symptoms will appear when they are pregnant. If you want to further determine whether he is really pregnant, Bad Bud Mom suggests that you still have a bottom -up test!

How to test early pregnancy?

Blood HCG Test

Accuracy 99%

Under normal circumstances, blood HCG can be done 8-10 days after the same room to determine whether you are pregnant.Check the HCG value through the blood "quantitative" of the blood, and detect urine than the ordinary early pregnancy test strip. It can respond more sensitive and accurately to whether pregnancy is more than 99%.

Early pregnancy test strip test

Accuracy rate 55%-90%

Early pregnancy test strips are generally detected after two weeks in the same room, and the urine that is tested is best for morning urine. After 5-10 days of menstruation, the test will be tested after 5-10 days. The results will be more accurate.

Check whether pregnancy through early pregnancy test strips. If the test strip shows two red lines, it means that he is pregnant, otherwise it is not pregnant.

B ultrasound

Accuracy 99%

In the early pregnancy, B -ultrasound examination is usually after 5 weeks of pregnancy. The main purpose is to determine intrauterine pregnancy, eliminate ectopic pregnancy and nourishing cell diseases, estimate the pregnancy age, and eliminate pelvic mass or uterine abnormalities.

What should I pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy?


Replenish folic acid in time

Folic acid is important for preventing fetal nerve deformities.But it is difficult to meet the needs of expectant mothers from natural food.Therefore, it is generally recommended that expectant mothers come up to 0.4mg of folic acid every day from the first three months of preparing to get pregnant to the first three months of pregnancy.


Take medicine with caution

Early pregnancy is an important period for baby development, so expectant mothers should pay special attention when taking medicine, avoiding malformations of fetal deformity caused by blind medication.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers must consult the doctor and take the medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

It should be noted that pregnancy -prepared Bao Bao Mom also pay attention to the impact of medication!


Maintain a good mental state

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers are easy to feel tired, so they need to rest properly.Excessive fatigue can easily cause abortion of pregnant women, especially those pregnant women who have a history of abortion, have a history of abortion, and have some chronic diseases. They need to pay special attention to rest.Avoid too much hard work, strenuous exercise and emotional excitement in the early pregnancy, so that you can maintain a good mental state as much as possible.


Get rid of bad habits

After pregnancy, some bad habits before pregnancy are to change it, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late.Also, after pregnancy, be sure to stay away from junk food, cold foods, and irritating foods. You must learn more about dietary taboos during pregnancy, so as to ensure that the fetus can develop healthy.


Pay attention to the environment around you

Any working environment for harmful substances, such as mercury, benzene, radiation, noise, etc., should be temporarily adjusted away from these jobs to prevent these harms from affecting at least embryonic development and causing terators.Try to avoid contact with chemicals in life.

Have you ever had these symptoms of pregnancy?Leave a message to Bad Bud Mom, tell how you know the good news of your pregnancy!

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