Do not regulate the authenticity of menstruation?It is related to age and delayed time, follow these acupoints on time

Almost all female friends have been deeply tortured by irregular menstruation. The question that has the most chatted with you recently is "How to regulate menstruation?" "My menstruation has been postponed for two days this time, what’s going on?"Aunt hasn’t come for three months, is it amenorrhea? "

Someone complained to me: "The menstruation was delayed for three or four days last time, because my menstruation has always been accurate and I really scare me. There is no sexual life, it must not be pregnant. I go to the doctor and describe the description.After finishing the two sentences, I sent me … "

Faced with these issues, I will tell you today that those annoying things about menstruation are delayed ~~

Menstruation is an indicator of women observing their own health. Some female friends are worried about when they are delayed. In fact, the aunt delays two mainly to consider two factors:

① First of all, it depends on whether it is pregnant;

② Secondly, it depends on whether it is real irregular menstruation.

The symptoms of "amenorrhea" and "menopause" mentioned in the real medical definition are generally 6 consecutive months without aunt, and the menopause age of Chinese women is 45-55 years. In this case, as long as the patient does not have special discomfort, the tumor lesions are excluded.After that, you can not handle it, and let it go.

Menstruation is delayed for more than 3 months, and delayed 1 to 7 days is mild menstruation. It is necessary to check if there are other complications more than 7 days ~

So what should I do?

Don’t worry, let’s analyze the causes of abnormal menstruation first.

1. Adolescent girl

The most common reason is that ovarian regulation function is not yet sound, ovulation -free menstrual disorders caused by ovary.

It is characterized by the delay of menstruation for more than 35 days. After a short period of menstruation, the menstruation suddenly arrived again. Excessive amounts and extension of menstrual periods. As the age increases, the symptoms of aden axis will gradually alleviate, except for severe symptoms.

2. Women with husband and wife life

Women who live in the life of husband and wife must first consider whether they are pregnancy, eliminate the possibility of pregnancy, and then find the cause.See if you have taken a similar to contraceptives or undergoing surgery in the near future, or if you have too much pressure, if the above situation is not, it may be a problem with the uterus or body organs.

3. Women of surrounding menstrual periods

The menstrual period refers to women who are during the period before and after menopause. Because they are about to be menopause, they will decline in ovarian and fertility function, and hormone secretions in the body will disorders.Unsupply delays, excessive hyperplasia of the endometrium, excessive menstruation, and continuous dripping, often need to intervene through external force to stop bleeding.

Gynecological diseases are regardless of age, and women have representative diseases in different ages.

Ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, and certain ovarian tumors.

So how to adjust menstruation?

You can use acupoints to condition, and different situations correspond to different acupoints.

1. Qi and blood deficiency type delayed menstrual delays

There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine called "blood does not carry air". This type of menstrual delay is mainly manifested in the less menstrual flow, the color is light red, and the perpetitive is thin. From the perspective of the physical state, it is often pale and bloody.Frequent dizziness, lips, nails, etc. are pale, and some people even have symptoms such as numbness and cold hands and feet.

This kind of female friends can use the following sets of acupoints to condition: Yulu, Pingshu, Qihai, Return, Blood Sea, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao.

Second, blood stasis type delayed menstrual delay

Qi stagnation and blood stasis type delays, mainly manifested in the menstrual color showing dark red, thick blood quality, or blood clots in the menstrual blood, accompanied by breasts, chest, lower abdomen pain, depression, like sighing and other symptoms, like sighing and other symptomsEssenceIf the amount of menstruation is too much or too little, it is possible.

This kind of friends take the liver to relieve depression, and the principle of conditioning and regulating menstruation are the main points: Ganshu acupoints, Jimen points, Sanyinjiao, line, Taichong.

Third, blood and cold menstrual delay

This type of menstruation delay is divided into two cases, one is the deficiency of cold, and the other is the real cold.

Deficiency, manifested as low menstrual flow, light menstrual blood color, and thin blood quality without blood clots. Sometimes the lower abdomen can faint pain, like warmth and pressing, and at the same time, there will be symptoms such as waist and knee sourness, urine clearing long symptoms.

You can take acupoints: Guan Yuan, Badao, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli.

Real cold, manifested as a small menstrual flow, a dullness of menstrual purple, and cold abdomen pain, cold pain, cold limbs and cold limbs.The principle of conditioning is based on the warming and cold blood circulation.

You can take acupoints: Qihai, Blood Sea, Sanyinjiao, Tianshu, return.

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