Do not miss it during pregnancy, a watch allows the pregnant mother to count, time and project strategy

Guide: During pregnancy, pregnant women will be "required" by doctors for more than ten production examination items, and they have to be checked once every other month. This is indeed a big burden for pregnant women, especially in the fetusLater, pregnant women with heavy body burden did not worry about the birth check.However, although the checkup is troublesome, it has certain necessity. This is not only the responsibility of pregnant women to themselves, but also responsible for the fetus in the belly.

Of course, if you pass the birth check, you can also eat a reassurance for pregnant women who are full of anxiety. To understand the time and projects of the pregnancy test during pregnancy, the project can help pregnant women prepare early and avoid the embarrassment of being forced to be checked repeatedly.

Xiuya was a post -95s. After pregnancy, she became lazy.Especially after the first check -up, Xiuya had a "psychological shadow" on the checkup."The birth check is really troublesome, and the blood can be measured, and the urine routine must be measured. You have to take the B -ultrasound! You must toss for a long time!"

Therefore, after the second pregnancy test, after the Tang Si, Xiuya did not go to the hospital for a pregnancy test for a long time.When I went to the pregnancy test again, the doctor missed the best time for the four -dimensional examination.So the doctor quickly arranged the four -dimensional inspection project for Xiuya.

Fortunately, the fetus was pretty good that day, and the effect of the four -dimensional examination was pretty good.However, the doctor couldn’t help but complain about Xiuya’s sentence, "You can not take the pregnancy test seriously. If you miss the large -scale abnormal examination, if the fetus has a problem but it is not discovered in time, you will regret it.It’s too irresponsible! "

After being complained by the doctor, Xiuya felt very embarrassed. After all, she was unwilling to come to the hospital for a production examination just to save trouble.Although there were many check -up afterwards, Xiuya, who was accused by the doctor, did not dare to make things easily.

The best time to check the first birth checkup is 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, there are many output inspection items, including building cards, determining the gestational week, and calculating due date.During this checkup, pregnant women will be asked to take B -ultrasound, and some virus screening will also be performed.

During the second birth checkup, the checkup time was about 16 weeks of pregnancy.The third birth examination was performed around 20 weeks of pregnancy.The second and third checkups are screened on fetal malformations, and pregnant women must pay attention to.

The fourth birth checkup was performed around 24 weeks of pregnancy, mainly to screen for sugar tolerance to determine whether pregnant women have diabetes.The fifth birth examination was carried out around 28 weeks of pregnancy, mainly due to the regular examination items of the body.The sixth birth checkup is carried out around 30 weeks of pregnancy, and the seventh birth examination is held in about 32 weeks of pregnancy. In addition to the conventional birth checkups, the doctor will also require pregnant women to take the B -ultrasound to determine the fetal position.

The eighth birth test is carried out around 34 weeks of pregnancy. In addition to routine examinations, fetal heart monitoring is also required.The ninth birth examination is carried out around 36 weeks of pregnancy, and fetal heart monitoring will also be performed.The 10th to thirteen birth checkups are from 37 weeks of pregnancy to 40 weeks of pregnancy. Once a week, doctors will determine whether B -ultrasound is required based on the state of pregnant women and fetuses.

During pregnancy, pregnant women can take about three B -ultrasound examinations, especially from 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, 18 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and 30 to 34 weeks of pregnancy. These three stages must be guaranteed to have a B -ultrasound.

Before the checkup, it is necessary for pregnant women to learn about the physical requirements of the production inspection items in advance. For example, some check -ups need an empty stomach when it is ongoing, so if the pregnant woman has not prepared for the empty stomach before that, then it is likely to delay the pregnancy test.time.The empty stomach usually means that pregnant women do not eat after dinner. Usually liver merit and blood glucose examinations are required to be carried out on an empty stomach.

During the birth check, it is best to conduct the best pregnancy examination time according to the doctor’s suggestion. Some pregnant women have a lot of slackness because of their physical burdens, and they do not care about the doctor’s suggestion for pregnancy.But in fact, it is necessary for pregnant women to correct their attitude towards pregnancy tests. If you miss the best pregnancy test time, it is likely to affect the examination effect.Pregnant women try not to extend the interval of pregnancy tests artificially and reduce the frequency of pregnancy tests.

During the checkup, pregnant women are best to ask their family members to accompany them.In this way, pregnant women not only reduce the trouble of queuing registration, but also allow their family members to learn about the care needs of pregnant women in a timely manner.Especially for pregnant women with greater pregnancy weeks, they are suitable for traveling alone, and it is necessary to accompany family members aside.

Broken thoughts:

Although pregnancy tests will consume a lot of time for pregnant women and even make them feel fatigue, each necessary pregnancy test items should not be ignored.The check -ups according to the requirements of doctors are not only considered for their own safety, but also a powerful guarantee for helping the healthy development of the fetus.At the same time, family members should also provide convenience to pregnant women as much as possible to reduce physical fatigue caused by pregnant women during pregnancy.

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