do not eat!This kind of dragon fruit is risky!Look at your home?

Fire dragon fruit is nutritious and delicious, and it is a fruit that many neighborhoods love to eat.However, don’t eat this kind of dragon fruit!

At 12 o’clock on February 6, the South China Sea Police received a police report that a number of unclear fruits were found near the waters of the area.After receiving the report, Jiujiang Police Station and related departments of fishery administration and maritime affairs immediately rushed to the scene to dispose.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found some of the remaining fruits on the shore, and initially understood the dragon fruit of the foreign bird’s nest for smuggling.

It is reported that the bird’s nest fire dragon fruit, also known as Kirin fruit, is the best quality and best taste of the dragon fruit. At present, a tens of yuan will be sold in the market.

After investigation by many parties, the police summoned a district suspected of smuggling to the police station and explained that in accordance with them, more than 100 boxes of dragon fruit were seized among two ships.The preliminary testing of nucleic acids seized by the Health and Health Department was negative.

At present, a suspect’s district has been sentenced to criminal by the police in accordance with the law, and the investigation of the case is still ongoing.

In addition to smuggling fruits, the topic of "smuggling frozen products" in daily life has always attracted people’s attention.Recently, Guangdong Public Security seized a group of smuggling frozen products.

The case value is 292 million!Jiangmen Police detects a major case of smuggling frozen products

On January 29, under the unified deployment of the private bureau of the Public Security Department of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangmen City Public Security Organs joined forces with Hunan Luzhou and Xi’an Police in Shaanxi to collect the net.Checking 2 frozen libraries and 1 food processing plant, about 530 tons of frozen products, about 5 million yuan, preliminary investigation of 292 million yuan

After investigation, the smuggling gangs led by Fang and Tang, colluded with frozen products such as frozen beef, frozen chicken feet and other frozen gangs.After setting up the ground terminal, we will be unloaded ashore, transported to Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhaoqing and other places to replace the packaging, and then sell it directly to all parts of the country to make huge profits.

During the Spring Festival, the Guangzhou police seized 300 tons of smuggling frozen products

At 1:00 on February 19th, the patrol officer of the Panyu Police Police Station in Guangzhou found that suspicious iron shell vessels entered the seagull island waters in the area, so they immediately linked the sea patrol team to approach the target waters.After the sea patrol team reached the target waters, it was discovered and successfully intercepted 8 iron shell boats suspected of smuggling, and about 300 tons of freezing products such as freezing beef were seized.

Related Laws

Smuggling refers to the behavior of violating customs regulations, evading customs supervision, transportation, carrying, and mailing goods items.When smuggling, except for ordinary goods (weapons, ammunition, fake currency, cultural relics, valuable metals, drugs, wastes and goods, items, etc. that prohibit import and export goods, and other countries, it may meet the corresponding standards and may be suspected of other laws;Those who directly acquire smuggling goods from smuggling may also be suspected of smuggling crimes at the same time; during the smuggling process, armed and anti -anti -smuggling behaviors constitute other crimes, and they may also count and punish them.

Article 153 Criminal Law Article 153 Crimination of ordinary goods and items

The smuggling of this law of Article 151, Article 152, and Article 347 of this Law shall be punished according to the following regulations according to the severity of the circumstances:

(1) Smuggling goods and items to escape the tax payable or smuggle after being smuggled for secondary administrative penalties within one year.Femoles of more than five times.

(2) Those who smuggle goods and items to escape the tax shall be huge or other serious circumstances, and they will be imprisoned for more than three years and less than ten years, and a fine of more than five times the amount of tax payable.

(3) Smuggling goods and items to escape the tax payable is particularly huge or have other particularly serious

If the unit offending the previous crime, the unit is sentenced to fines and the person in charge and other responsible persons who are directly responsible for them will be sentenced to imprisonment or detention of less than three years; if the circumstances are seriousIt is particularly serious and sentenced to more than ten years in prison.

If the smuggling is not treated many times, the tax payable should be paid according to the cumulative smuggling of goods and items.

Imported products and frozen products that have not been inspected and quarantine are likely to pose a threat to the health of citizens. The general public should not be cheap, and should buy imported goods and frozen products with quarantine certificates from regular shopping malls.

Source | Nanhai Public Security, Ping An Guangzhou, Jiangmen City Public Security Bureau, Zhuhai Public Security

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