Do not abuse Chinese herbal medicine during pregnancy

I often listen to people and say that pregnant people should be careful when taking western medicine.

Medicine, because Chinese medicine is safe.In fact, Chinese medicine is not absolutely safe.The abuse of Chinese herbal medicine during pregnancy will also bring danger.

Medical scholars in Chinese have attached great importance to pregnancy avoiding drugs, and almost all gynecological books have mentioned the problem of taboo medicine for pregnancy.There are few dozens of drugs to avoid drugs, as many as hundreds of them. In terms of performance, these drugs are mainly promoting blood circulation and qi, scholarship, hot poison, and fragrant fragrance.Among them, blood circulation and qi drugs, such as peach kernels, safflower, motherwort, Achyranthes knee, pangolin, etc., which can accelerate the blood circulation of pregnant women and fail the fetal qi, resulting in premature or abortion of the fetus.Sliding the drugs, such as talcs, eurites, baocoli, Babou, glory, Matto, etc., have the effects of passing and diarrhea.Drugs that are hot and hot, such as aconite, cinnamon, mercury, spots, crickets, aluminum powder, etc., are mostly hot, dry, and poisoning, and can easily cause abortion.Scent takes a category, such as musk, lilac, and incense, which can also cause miscarriage.In addition, pregnant women also need to be cautiously used with Chinese medicine such as lucky, coriander shells, frankincense, no medicine, cinnabar, and majestic yellow.

In recent years, clinical pharmacology has also confirmed that the following Chinese herbal medicine has toxic effects on the fetus: sparse wind and mulberry leaves, dandelion, ceramic, semi -lotus, clear liver and liver and anti -spasm hook vine, Cangebur, Lei Gong vine, reciprocal phlegm and cough medicine, half summer, aristoltaus, ginkgo, asthma and cough medicine ginkgo, diarrhea, rhinone, littering water, dampness and diarrhea, promoting blood blood stasis, extension of extension of the root skin, healthyStomach risks, hypertrophic drug beer flowers, supplementing qi medicine at qi, glyphosate, licorice, external detoxification drugs, mulberry, external detoxification and swelling medicine toads, anti -tumor medicine Changchun flowers, hi tree fruit, triangles and so on.

It should be noted that many toxic and side effects of Chinese herbal medicine often appear in Chinese medicines in the form of formulas, so pregnant women must also be vigilant.The proprietary Chinese medicine that indicates that pregnant women’s ban and use cautiously should be strictly avoided.

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