Do hepatitis A and hepatitis B?Do you know hepatitis C?4 methods to prevent hepatitis C, learn about it

There are more than only one type of hepatitis B, but hepatitis B is definitely the type of viral hepatitis that people is most familiar with.However, familiarity with familiarity is not wise to underestimate the harm of other viral hepatitis. The harm of viral hepatitis C such as hepatitis C and hepatitis B are comparable.

Hepatitis C is a viral hepatitis, and is a viral hepatitis caused by hepatitis C virus.It has three ways to spread, namely blood transmission, maternal and infant communication, and sexual communication.Blood communication is the most important way to spread.Entering blood with hepatitis C virus or using hepatitis C virus blood products may be infected with hepatitis C.Can’t care about life, pay attention to these three ways of communication.

The harm of hepatitis C and hepatitis B are comparable, and it will also cause chronic hepatitis. If it is not timely controlled and treated, it will cause liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer.Hepatitis C patients have a higher chance of getting sick in chronic hepatitis and higher than patients with hepatitis B.The point is that hepatitis B has a hepatitis B vaccine. Hepatitis C has not yet developed vaccines. Compared with hepatitis B, one less important prevention method.

Hepatitis B has no way to cure, and hepatitis C can be cured.At present, there are two types of treatment. The first treatment plan is interferon combined with Libavirin. The second treatment plan is to use direct small molecular antiviral country takes the first treatment method as the main treatment plan. This treatment plan costs less, but the treatment time is relatively long, and there will be some side effects.

1. Cut off the pathway

There are three main ways to propagate hepatitis C, namely blood transmission, maternal and baby transmission, and sexual transmission. Therefore, prevention of hepatitis C should start with the transmission of hepatitis C. This will be more efficient and targeted.Do not enter the blood of unknown origin. No matter what kind of treatment, you must go to a regular hospital. Do not go to some black clinics. The risk of infection will be relatively high.In sexual life, we must clean up and do not perform high -risk sex, and maintain sexual relations with multiple people at different times.

2. Pay more attention to meals

It is best to bring your own tableware when you go out to eat, and try to choose a clean and hygienic restaurant.Do not share the tableware with others, and use public chopsticks when eating.It is best to choose a meal system and divide the meals in advance, so hygienic and safe.

3. Go to the hospital regularly to check

The liver is a silent organ. The early symptoms of hepatitis C are not particularly typical, so it is easy to be ignored.Go to the hospital to do a related examination on a regular basis, check the liver function, and check whether there is hepatitis C, which is necessary.In particular, some high -risk groups of liver diseases, or some people who often contact strangers, are particularly necessary for liver examination.

4. Pay attention to the physical examination during pregnancy

Hepatitis C is likely to spread through the method of maternal and infants, so pregnant women should go to the hospital for a physical examination during pregnancy.If you have hepatitis C in itself, you must take blocking measures during pregnancy and control the condition. Do not let the newborn infect hepatitis C.

Although hepatitis C is not well known as hepatitis B, it is no worse than hepatitis B, and even more serious than hepatitis B.You must understand the spread of hepatitis C and start from the way of communication.Regularly go to the hospital for examination and find that hepatitis C should be actively treated, and hepatitis C is likely to be cured.

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