Dinodes of urine and urine are also sore, and the 8 "help" signals of the kidneys have been recruited?

I don’t know if you have encountered such a situation:

When you feel that you are very weak recently, decreased appetite, and often have soreness in your waist and back, the people around you will keep up: "You won’t have kidney problems?"

In fact, some symptoms that appear in the body are indeed a signal that the kidneys are "asking for help", so we need to be vigilant and always pay attention.

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When the body appears, these 8 signals

It may be that the kidney is "asking for help"!

1. Bloating

Eyes, faces, and lower limbs are often common symptoms of kidney disease. If these places have edema for a long time, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to check if there is a problem with the kidney.(Because heart disease, liver disease, lung disease, etc. can cause edema)

2. Urine and urine abnormalities When the urine appears in the urine, the urine is the naked eye hematuria, and the urine is like a strong tea and the meat washing water.Items

When the above situation is occurred, we must go to the nephrology to check the urine.

3. Abnormal urine output

Excessive urine output or too much is abnormal: less urine: 24 hours of urine volume is less than 400 ml, often accompanied by puffiness; polyuria: refers to 24 hours of urine more than 2500 ml;

Sometimes when sweating a lot, human urine volume will be significantly reduced. At this time, water must be replenished in time, otherwise it will easily lead to acute kidney damage.

4. Frequent urination frequency urination: refers to the increased number of urine times during the unit time; (PS: normal adults to urinate 4 to 6 times during the day, 0 to 2 times at night) Urine emergencies: refers to urination, you can’t wait to urinate, you can’t find the toilet for a while or even evenUrine pants; urinary pain: refers to pain when excretion of urine;

*Overnight increase refers to the urine volume of urine during night sleep exceeding 750ml or more than the daytime urine.

Night urine needs to suspect that the renal concentration function is damaged, which is common in patients with hypertension.However, increasing yin urine needs to exclude other factors such as prostate hyperplasia and women’s pregnancy.

5. Back pain

Most kidney disease does not cause back pain. Some kidney diseases such as nephritis and nephropathy syndrome acute period can cause less obvious lumbar pain due to swelling of the kidneys and pulling the film.

6. High blood pressure

The kidney is an important organ that regulates blood pressure. If the kidney is not good, the kidney can cause high blood pressure. In turn, the blood pressure is high and the kidney will hurt the kidneys and form a vicious circle.

7. No appetite, weakness and softness

During renal failure, metabolic waste and toxins in the body cannot be discharged normally, stimulating the symptoms such as decreased appetite and nausea caused by stimulating gastrointestinal tract.

8. Skin itching

Some kidney disease can cause itching of the skin, and sometimes itchy is also sleeping at night (it may be related to various factors such as accumulation of toxins, calcium phosphorus disorders, and hyperthyroidism in thyroid gland).At this time, do not buy the pills by yourself. Be sure to go to the hospital to check if it has kidney disease -related skin itching.

It should be noted that the above situation is not fully determined that it is the problem of kidney. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the hospital’s kidney department to conduct disease investigation in time to determine the cause in time to avoid delaying treatment.

So, what examinations do you need to do in the kidney?

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Mainly do these 3 inspections

If the urine occurs obvious abnormalities, routine urine examination is required.

Urine routine

Check the color, transparency, pH, red blood cells, white blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells, tubular, protein and other items.

Among them, the focus is on:

Red blood cells: Looking at the severity of hematuria, the more more the standard, the more severe (there is a greater false positive in urine blood, determining whether it is hematuria, doctors mainly look at red blood cells); more protein: the more protein adds the number: If white blood cells are positive, it is often prompted to have urinary tract infection;

PS: In the morning, the first urine in the morning is more accurate.

When a routine urine examination, doctors usually recommend patients to perform renal function tests at the same time to confirm whether various indicators of renal function are abnormal.

Renal function test

It is necessary to take a blood test test. In particular, it should be noted that an indicator: serum creatinine.

Blood creatinine is usually very stable. If its value has risen significantly, it means that the renal function will definitely have problems.

In addition, some hospitals also calculate the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) based on blood creatinine, which can accurately reflect renal function accurately.

PS: Due to the differences in reagents used in each hospital, the normal range of creatinine will be different.Therefore, if you want to compare blood creatinine, it is best to check in the same hospital.

After the urine routine and renal function test, the doctor in order to further confirm whether the patient’s kidneys had specific lesions. If there were problems such as water, cysts, stones, etc., patients were also recommended for patients with color Doppler ultrasound.

Color ultrasound

Kidney ultrasound examination requires urination, which can reflect whether the kidney size, shape, structure, etc. are normal, and whether there are stagnant water, cysts, stones, tumors, trauma, etc.

The above are the three most common examinations in the nephrology. Ordinary people can check it once a year. If there is a relevant condition, the specific condition needs to be combined with the doctor’s arrangement.

In addition, doctors will conduct more detailed examination arrangements based on the specific circumstances of the patient, such as 24 hours of urine protein, kidney ECT, kidney puncture, and so on.

Regarding the basic disease signals and basic examination items of the kidney, let’s first talk about it. The kidney is one of the most important organs of the human body. We must pay attention to it.

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