Difficult choice: Wandering twins, the blood flow of one fetus to another, one or one or two?

In the obstetrics and gynecology department of our hospital, the night shift starts from 5 o’clock in the evening to ends at 8 am the next day.Every day in the middle of the night, different stories occur in the delivery room …

At night, sometimes, we will receive calls from some pregnant mothers, telling that we have made strange fetal dreams, hoping that we can help and comfort some.

"Doctor, I dreamed that the fetus was aborted."

"Doctor, the tiger wants to chase my baby, I can’t stop how I stop it."

"Oh, there is a nightmare again."

The weird fetal dream also included dreaming that he was chased by the big tiger to the edge of the cliff and fell down.The child lacks a strip -legged and shouted to the pregnant mother.

When we encounter such help calls, we will all explain: "Don’t worry, this phenomenon is normal, because in the subconscious, you are looking forward to the healthy bred growth of the baby in the belly."

"But how do you always have a messy dream? I haven’t had it before." Some pregnant mothers chased.

"The dreams done during pregnancy are different from time to time, which is related to the changes in sleep quality after pregnancy. Most of the time, pregnant women are unable to sleep because of their clumsy physical discomfort. It is easier to wake up.During the light sleep period, although the pregnant mother is resting, the brain does not completely rest, and some things worried in daily life are often exaggerated in dreams. Including worrying whether the fetus is healthy, etc., they will respond in the dream in the dream.come out."

That night, when I went to work, I received such a call.

"Doctor, I am pregnant with twins. I just had a strange dream just now. I dreamed that the two fetuses were fighting. One fetus still sucks the blood of the other fetus. What is going on?"

I just told her about the science of the fetal dream according to the conventional.

What about the pregnant mother, still my heart: "But, I feel too real, the one who was blood -sucking still shouted to help me."

I said, "You are also in a hurry, go to bed now, tomorrow, you can go to the hospital for checking. If you are fine, don’t you rest assured?"

The next day, the pregnant mother who had a nightmare twins really came. The pregnant mother was called Xiaoyu and was pregnant for 22 weeks.

According to the convention, we conducted a series of inspections. During the B -ultrasound, Director Shi found that the amount of amniotic fluid in the two fetuses in the Xiaoyu’s belly was much different.

"The amount of amniotic fluid is too large." Director Shi said to himself.

This appearance, a disease pointing, is a serious complication of the twin pregnancy -"twin blood transfusion syndrome".

Popularly speaking, the placenta of monochlike twins has vascular communication, and one of the fetus is constantly transfusion to the other fetus, resulting in the influence of blood supply, which will be affected and developed.The burden of liver and kidney is manifested as the increase in amniotic fluid.This condition is very dangerous. If it is not treated, the fetal mortality rate is as high as 70% -100%.High -blooded capacity is too heavy in blood and liquid in the body of the blood.

Due to the serious insufficient blood volume of blood volume, the blood supply to the blood can easily cause heart, brain damage, and kidney disease. The condition is often heavier than blood, and it is easier to get in the abdomen.

Hearing this terrible diagnosis, Xiaoyu had a little collapse. She couldn’t think of it. A strange dream of her real.

"What should I do, can the fetus be kept, can I live or two?" A series of questions jumped out of her mouth.Dr. Jiang couldn’t hold it.

Don’t worry, let’s take your time. From the perspective of our hospital, we must hope to be fulfilled, because once one of the twins died in the palace, the risk of another fetus at the same time was 15%.The risk is also 26 %. Compared with the twin folding folds, the incidence of the nervous system will increase by about 4.8 times. If it is not treated, the mortality rate will be more than 70 %after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

"How to treat it?" Xiao Yu asked anxiously.

Dr. Jiang said: "For the treatment of twin blood transfusion syndrome, there are currently amniotic fluid reduction, amniotic peria, fetal mirror surgery. Pigmental mirrorscene traffic vascular laser coagulation is the birth of multiple fetal medical centers in the world.Pre -treatment method. This surgery can successfully block the vascular traffic connected by the two fetuses. "

"Fetal mirror?"

"Yes," Dr. Jiang explained: "Among the single eggs, the incidence of blood transfusion syndrome of the twins is about 10%-15%.At present, the most effective way to survive in the twin blood transfusion syndrome.

"Okay, as long as you can keep the fetus, I am willing to do it." Xiaoyu agreed.

Although the fetal mirror surgery is advanced, there are certain risks. After surgery, the fetal condition needs to be closely observed.By 29 weeks, Xiaoyu will still be hospitalized to promote the maturity of the baby’s lungs. Because twins with twin blood transfusion syndrome will definitely be premature, so they need to ripen the lungs.The development is normal. The B -ultrasound done every week, the umbilical blood flow is large, the amniotic fluid is normal, and the size gap is slowly widened.

"Don’t worry, these are normal, the most important thing is to monitor the fetal heart." Dr. Jiang said comforting Xiaoyu.

Xiao Yu, bought a dedicated fetal heart monitor, monitor the baby’s fetal heart every day.In this way, until 32 weeks.Once in the morning, Xiaoyu heard the baby’s heartbeat below 100 times, scared a cold sweat, rest for a while, and then tested, the result returned to normal.After a few more days, after dinner, a test, I found a fetus 200 times, and the tests were tested several times.Xiaoyu remembers that Dr. Jiang said that the fetal heart is too fast or too slow to indicate the internal distress of the fetus, and he must go to the hospital for emergency treatment.

In the hospital, because the light rain has been pregnant "32 weeks+", after the fetal delivery, the survival rate is very high. Dr. Jiang performed a cesarean section for Xiaoyu. He successfully gave birth to a pair of twins.The skin is red, a skin is white.Dr. Jiang said: There are some anemia with white skin, because he is a blood supplyer, and his mother gives him nutrition to his brother. The skin is red, but the blood recipient.

After the baby was delivered, Dr. Jiang conducted professional diagnosis and treatment based on the different situations of each baby, including capacity expansion, blood transfusion, and protecting the organ.For more than 2 weeks, the family of three was discharged smoothly.

Every night at night, everything can happen. Every time the doorbell sounds, life is being a door.Quietly, listening to the help of the delivery sisters tell you the stories of the delivery rooms of life and death, sadness and joy.What will happen next night?Pay attention to the "Late Night Production Room Series Story".

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