Diary during pregnancy: Please sign for the basic process of pregnancy examination

A summary of the entire pregnancy test and the summary of the production inspection items was compiled earlier, but the review was not approved. Here is a re -editing. Although a lot of content (the details of the production inspection items involved a lot of medical terms, so it is deleted), I hope to delete it, but I still hope to be right.Expectant mothers have some help.

1. The first birth checkup: 12 weeks of pregnancy

I learned that when I was pregnant, I bought the test strip test because I did not come for about 2 months, and then I went to the hospital to do a review. The hospital would let the urine test first to confirm whether I was pregnant.Then it was the establishment of a book, inspection, etc. at this time, and then officially entered the pregnancy test.

Those who have not had a marriage examination or pre -pregnancy examination before, in addition to the basic routine examinations, also increase the screening of thalassemia. People who have pets at home should increase parasites.Experts remind: The first inspection items performed by the first production inspection are relatively the most, which is also to comprehensively check the health of expectant mothers.It is best to take the prospective dad to check together, and understand the health of you and his direct relatives and family members.

2. Second birth checkup: 16 weeks of pregnancy

Tang’s screening is one of the most important projects on the road of production inspection. It is mainly to check the risk of Tang’s syndrome to prevent unhealthy fetal birth of unnecessary changes to the family.Tang S screening needs at least 8 hours of an empty stomach, so I suggest that you should not eat it in the morning and 8 o’clock in the evening. Sleep for one night and eight hours in the morning. Just break the breakfast time for screening. After the inspectionEat a full breakfast ~

3. Third birth checkup: 20 weeks of pregnancy

The most important thing in the inspection project is B -ultrasound to screen fetal malformations, also called large arranged abnormalities. In the 20 weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasonic examination was performed, mainly to see if there is a big problem in the appearance of the fetus.Doctors will carefully measure the fetal fence, abdominal circumference, see the length of the thighs, and check whether the spine is congenital abnormal.If the expectant mothers take the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, you can also see the baby’s real -time facial expression.I saw some netizens say that at this time, I wanted to know the sex of the baby, and to let the doctor implies the advice and then indirectly express the gender method (because the hospital does not allow the gender), so I tried it.Is it better to prepare for the baby for a small clothes or pink (hahaha, don’t doubt, this is how I learned on the netizen, I tested it in person)!Then the doctor replied very simply and said: Hey, you will not tell you the gender, give up!

Now think about it, I still feel funny, the doctor is so smart!Blame me too naive, no matter the boy and girl, every time I do a check, I hope to check the customs clearance. The health of the fetus is really at ease.

4. Fourth birth checkup: 24 weeks of pregnancy

One of the most important projects is the screening of gestational diabetes -the screening of sugar tolerance, which is similar to the Tang sieve. Do not eat as much as possible the night before 8 o’clock before the sugar tolerance screening.

I drank that glucose at that time, and I was tired of being tired, but some Baoma liked to eat sweets. It would be better. I tried it for the first time when I was drinking.Fighting, the rest of the drink, and then began to distort the expression. It can be seen that the pain of drinking sugar water, but for the baby, tolerate.

5. Fifth birth checkup: 28 weeks of pregnancy

After 7 months, the incidence of anemia will increase, and expectant mothers must do anemia examination. If anemia is found, it should be cured before childbirth.Starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy, the production examination has changed to every two weeks, basically routine examinations.

I also had anemia for some time during this time, and then the iron supplement that the doctor gave it. Because there is no taboo mouth, the liver function is not good and it is hospitalized for a week.EssenceAnd everyone must control the weight. I did not have a long stretch marks before 7 or 8 months pregnant (but I also prepared a pregnancy oil, although it was useless, it was mainly personal physical problems).At this time, the stretch marks should not be president.7 pounds, it is still very strenuous during production.The pattern on the meticulous belly has not been diluted. Everyone must control weight, exercise more, and pregnancy oil must be used in advance, because it is useless to use it after it grows.

6. Sixth birth checkup: 30 weeks of pregnancy

Basically, there are basically conventional production inspection items. The doctor will let Bao Ma moved several times and found that he would seek medical treatment immediately.However, I have never understood how to count the fetal movement, so I have perfunctory things throughout the process. I do n’t recommend that Baoma followed it. I ca n’t hold the fluke.

7. Seventh birth checkup: 32 weeks of pregnancy

Generally from 32 weeks, the production inspection items will add fetal heart monitoring.If the fetus is unwilling to move during the monitoring process, it is very likely that the fetus is asleep, and you can wake up the fetus gently. Sometimes the fetal heart response is not large.Normal.Sometimes it will be passed twice. The pregnant mother does not have to worry too much, but if it is not 2 times, the nurse and the doctor will be very anxious at this time. They will recommend hospitalization to observe. I was more than 9 months at the time.Once I had not passed the fetal heart twice, the doctor was particularly anxious. I was hospitalized if I said no, but I let me eat something, walk, and did it for the third time. Finally, I avoided the hospitalization.Therefore, fetal heart monitoring seems ordinary, but pregnant mothers must pay attention to it.

8. Eighth birth checkup: 34 weeks of pregnancy

There is nothing during this period. In addition to the conventional production inspection items, it is to attach importance to fetal heart monitoring.

9. Ninth birth checkup: 36 weeks of pregnancy

This is 8 months old. Expectant mothers need to do a detailed ultrasonic examination, including the double diameter of the fetus, the functional classification of the placenta, and the amount of amniotic fluid.Doctors will use this to evaluate the weight and development of the fetus at that time, and estimate the weight of the fetus at full monthly production.Once the fetal weight is not found, expectant mothers should add more nutrients. If the fetus is too large, then control the diet and exercise more.

10. Tenth birth checkup: 37 weeks of pregnancy, 11th birth checkup: 38 weeks of pregnancy

In the third trimester of pregnancy, it is basically checked every week. In addition to fetal heart monitoring, the doctor will also check the fetal position to confirm the fetal position to determine whether the expectant mothers can give birth or surgery naturally.

12. Twelfth birth checkup: 39 weeks of pregnancy

It is about to be expected to be expected. At this stage, the birth check of the birth is still based on conventional examinations and fetal heart monitoring, but in fact, pregnant women are easy to anxious. Do not worry. I believe doctors and nurses.Starting to the hospital, mentality is very important!Of course, the family’s accompaniment is more important ~

13. Thirteenth birth checkup: 40 weeks of pregnancy

At that time, I still had no movement at the 40 weeks, and then the doctor asked me to be hospitalized.During the hospitalization period, a voluntary application agreement was signed (the doctor would determine whether the mother was suitable for the delivery and advocated the delivery).After waiting for nearly 6 days, there was no movement, and I was watching for 41 weeks (now 41 weeks must be oxytile, mainly because the fetus will suffocate or lack of amniotic fluid in the stomach), the doctor asked me to do it.Outside of oxytopsis, artificial water, and finally the assistance of the side -cut and pliers came out. After hearing the sound of the baby crying, the whole person "relaxed". It can be said that it was paralyzed and had a feeling of energy.At that moment, he added another role of a mother!

The diary of pregnancy has come to an end. I was thinking about the arrival of my little princess, and it was specially recorded to record the daily life during pregnancy. As a result, there were too many laziness in the middle.Hold the baby every day!I hope that the expectant mothers will relax, actively and healthy to welcome the arrival of small lives, and welcome the next important journey in their lives!

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