Di Mom: What examinations do you need to do during pregnancy?

Parenting said childcare, and the pediatric blogger Di Mom answered the dry goods knowledge of pregnancy and child parenting. If you like it, pay attention.

Pregnancy means that a small life is about to be born. This is a great project. While happy and joy, don’t forget to do a pregnancy test on time during pregnancy!I use my experience to tell you what examinations to do during pregnancy.

1. About 50 days of menopause, B -ultrasound determines pregnancy.Bleak

Within 12 weeks, go to the hospital for a pregnancy test card and do the following examinations: blood routine blood type, ground poverty screening, broad bean disease (G6PD), eugenics excellence, immune five, urine routine, liver and kidney function, leucorrhea routine.Bleak

3.10–14 weeks, B-ultrasound check the thickness of the tissue of the fetal neck transparent tissue (NT).

4.15–20 weeks, about 4 months of pregnancy, is the appropriate time for prenatal screening. Pre-birth screening (Donett) is the only choice for avoiding congenital dementia babies. This examination is a bit expensive.

5.20 weeks began monitoring of pregnancy.

6.22–26 weeks, B-ultrasound to understand whether there are fetal deformities, and if necessary, the heart B-ultrasound will understand whether there are heart malformations. If the doctor explains the review, please be sure to review on time.

7.24–28 weeks, diabetes screening, in an empty stomach, 200ml warm water and 50g of glucose, 5 minutes after 5 minutes, measure blood sugar after 1 hour

8.28–36 weeks, prenatal examination every two weeks, fetal heart monitoring, and urination routine. During this period, a B-ultrasound is performed to understand the development of the fetus and conduct an electrocardiogram.Essence

9.36 weeks of conventional prenatal checks per week, fetal heart monitoring.

10.38 weeks, conventional prenatal examination, fetal heart monitoring, B -ultrasound understanding fetus, placenta, amniotic fluid and so on.

开始 In fact, starting from 12 weeks of pregnancy, blood pressure will be measured at each birth check.Therefore, pregnant mothers should not worry too much about the condition of the fetus. Just check on time on time. Usually pay attention to rest, don’t be too tired, wait for the baby to come with peace of mind.If vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and other abnormal symptoms during pregnancy, go to the hospital at any time.

This article only provides a reference. Everyone is different. Everyone who takes a doctor shall prevail, please follow the doctor’s advice.

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