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On the day of 520, before the celebrities showed the content of the affection, Luo Zhixiang made a long time to send Chang Wen Aite Zhou Yangqing and sold a wave of disgusting affection.

Netizens who eat melon said: "If the two are reunited, they will really become" The World of Husbands and Wife "."

This psychedelic operation, I am afraid that it can be rivals recently, this Korean drama that opens high and low, the ending makes everyone angry with liver pain.

"World of Husband and Wife"

부부 부부 의 의

One was not broadcast on a domestic platform, but on Weibo several times, the popularity of this drama was self -evident.

However, the plot rollerry was ups and downs, which made the audience caught up like a bite of glass residue.

Even netizens suggested: "The World of Husbands and Wife should be renamed" The World of Crazy ", and there is no normal person."

There are also audiences who give high scores: "Just watch the first six episodes. After all, the ending of life is often worse than TV series."

A row of operations is like a tiger. The score of this drama has soared from 8.7 to 9.1. It has now fallen to 7.8, and it continues to decline. It is really a good hand.

When I first launched, I heard that it was a remake from the British drama "Doctor Foster". It has the original high reputation base, and the audience thinks that it won’t be too bad.

Coupled with the story, "the loved husband and wife who loved each other was involved in revenge because of betrayal." This kind of plot of love and killing feels exciting.

We revisited the first six episodes of the whole network.

The female lead Chi Shanyu (Jin loves), her career is successful, her family is happy, her work is a good hand. In her life, her husband Li Taiwu (Park Haijun) is considerate to her. She is very satisfied with her current situation:

"Everything that surrounds me is perfect."

However, through a hair, she discovered the secret of her husband’s derailment and fell into an infinite dark world:

Husband derailed a younger three who can be a daughter. The friends of the two also covered themselves for her husband …

After being revealed, her husband was ashamed to derail his instinct.

At the meeting of friends, the husband and Primary Three actually saw the stitches. If they were holding hands in hand, the wife wanted to retaliate against her husband.

At this time, she can’t help the scum man

The revenge plan began.

The husband who started by himself can actually be mediocre.

Therefore, without the power of blowing, the wife got the status quo of her husband’s personal financial account.

It was discovered that not only did his deposit be used to raise a primary three, the house was mortgaged, and even his son’s insurance was not let go.

Since the husband’s eyes openly make him difficult, he also staged a derailed temptation with her husband’s good buddy, so that the husband’s green hat also worn steadily.

As for the primary three who came to provoke himself, his wife took her husband directly to Xiao San to eat.

The dinner table was calm, breaking through his husband’s derailment, and by the way pretended to disrupt the Primary Three with his husband, and he also burst out.

At this time, the scum man could not bear a series of blows to look back, but his wife didn’t even want to give him a look:

"When you mess around outside, why haven’t you thought about your child?"

In addition to the fast rhythm, the episode of everyone in the collection, the lines of the characters in the play are also in line with reality ↓

Therefore, in the Korean drama that is derailed, this drama has killed the siege, and the premiere ratings are only 6.3%. In the 10th episode, it will turn around the wind at 22.9%, and even break the records of previous generations.The highest viewing record.

In addition to the rising viewing, the reputation is also a ride. This month, it has also been nominated for many South Korean Baixiang Art Awards.

Click on the comment, all of which are praise of four -star and five stars ↓

However, when everyone watched the wife and her husband tear up their faces, the handsome divorce was removed from the scum man, and the black man rushed to the beautiful new life to start the Korean version of "Deadly Woman", the plot suddenly turned sharply.

Even the star chasing stars hurt liver.

Look at it again, huh, isn’t this the same director as the rotten drama "Mist" that opened high before?

I’m afraid, and walk around.

How much blood does the plot behind?

Because of the marriage crisis, his wife no longer focused on her career, so that she lost the opportunity to promote, and her career and reputation plummeted.

What is even more confusing is that in the first second, I hit you with the scumbag’s husband.

At this time, the situation was that the wife and her husband had divorced, and the scumbag her husband successfully married with Primary Three.

This is my own third, do you go back again and again?

The most funny thing is that after rolling the sheets with her ex -husband, the wife was anxious to find the former primary three showdown, saying that her husband was sleeping with herself.


It turns out that it is not the Korean version of "The Lost Lover", but "The Temptation of Going Home"?

What makes people even more unknown is that after such a bunch of afterwards, the husband still had a face to find his wife to reunite, saying that he forgot each other’s faults and forgive each other.

Except for the male and female owners’ brain circuits are different from ordinary people, even their sons are not a normal person.

The father was derailed, and he did not help the weak mother, but blamed her, saying that his father was not a betrayal herself.

Even the new home of the male lead and Xiao San even moved to the new home with peace of mind.

No wonder netizens talked about the female lead raised a white -eyed wolf, and her father must have their son.

In the end, the husband ran to commit suicide, looking for his wife to reunite.Travel.

It is also a dog blood to get home.

The original version is only 5 episodes in the first season, and this version of the remake is full of 16 episodes. Each episode is 90 minutes. You can think about how serious the water injection and the support of the supporting role are.

For example, the heroine’s son has a lot of plots.

Naturally, this drama is also reasonable.

In addition, except for this couple, there are no normal people.

Derailed and domestic violence husband,

With a tolerance, even if he was beaten, he had to accompany his partner.

The career of her husband has a wide range of social resources, but found that he was suffering from sex diseases during the inspection -obviously a seemingly mild husband had already betrayed his marriage.

In addition to the drama blood in the play, the show outside the show is also constantly twists and turns.

A few days ago, the South Korean Broadcasting Communications Review Committee held a meeting, thinking that some of the scenes such as "The World of Husbands and Wife" were too large, and the news of punishment will be punished.

First, in order to compete for his son’s custody, his wife induced her husband to beat herself. Only in this way can the husband’s detection and custody of custody can be canceled according to Korean law.

The scene is rough and terrible.

There is also a husband who bought others to perform violence in his wife, and it looks very uncomfortable in the first perspective.

Second, her husband’s friend hooked up to the female waiter who took the initiative to embrace in the bar. The woman seduced the man just for a brand -name bag.

Therefore, sexual transactions have received a lot of attention and discussion on the Internet.

In addition, the minor actor in the play, the 16 -year -old Zheng Junyuan, the social account was exposed, containing a lot of smoking and drinking photos; the actor who played the wife and son, known as "Little Li Minhao", is 14 years old.He has repeatedly published remarks on social accounts and discrimination against women.

In the end, the two people apologized to calm the storm after a round of public opinion storms.

Throughout the two years of Korean net red dramas, many of them have been high and low like this. After being praised by the public, they finally slipped to the end, and they could not help but feel deceived.

I hope that when writing the script, the screenwriter should not forget the character setting and the plot outline, otherwise even if the fan is circled with high energy, it will eventually be retaliated by the audience by the audience.

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