Daughter and daughter -in -law are pregnant at the same time, the aunt gives her daughter egg, a daughter -in -law gold bracelet, daughter: in favor

To this day, many parents are still young and young. Maybe in their old concepts, on the one hand, they feel that their son can marry a daughter -in -law home to take care of the elderly. On the other hand, parents are also affected by the thoughts of the previous generation.Form an inertial thinking.But now society, whether men or women, tend to live alone.This idea is gradually broken by reality.

Ms. Zhao, 29, is in the countryside. His parents are no culture. There is also a younger brother in the family. She went to college and bought a house in the city and married.Not long ago, Ms. Zhao was pregnant, and her brother -in -law was just pregnant at the same time.Ms. Zhao’s mother started to live, sending eggs to her daughter, but giving her daughter -in -law a gold bracelet. The daughter said: agree.

My hometown is in the countryside, and the parents in the family have no culture.And me, I went out to work without graduating from junior high school.All this is for my brother.

Parents have always valued their younger brothers. They trusted their younger brothers unconditionally. They always felt that my brother was smarter than me, and in the future, he would be more capable of supporting them.

In fact, I am a person who loves learning, but as soon as I arrive at home, I have to take care of my brother, and there is a lot of housework waiting for me to do it. When I finish work, it is either late at night.Task.

In this way, I really cherish my learning time.But the reality is cruel. It is not everyone who can become a school hegemony like a news. I am not born or smart children. If you do n’t have to work hard, I ca n’t learn anything.

Several times, I deliberately stayed at school very late and knew that I went home after learning for a while.I don’t want to, before a few days, when the weather was dim, my mother stood at the gate of the school and asked me to go home to work.

But my brother is different. My parents have always liked my brother. I am the labor force at home, and my brother is the treasure of the family.When I was young, I didn’t know why. When I grew up, I knew that my parents were young and female.I still remember that because my younger brother accidentally fell, the mother would help her brother gently, and then hugged the younger brother and helped the younger brother to trip to the brother’s stool or ground.I learn my brother.

Originally walking well, pretending to fall, and intentionally fell in front of her mother.But I did not expect to usher in a mother’s scolding. "This bad girl, stupid, even walking is not good, it is really useless!" Similar words have been accompanied by my childhood, and my little soul also has my little heart.Breaking a large gap.

The younger brother who grew up in the palm of his parents is not a smart child, or it will be better to describe him by naughty.He didn’t study hard, and often ran out with children of the same age.

However, every time I saw my brother jumping out of the door, I looked at myself who was busy doing this. When I was young, I knew that many people were in love.I also learned how to flatter people, that is, packaging themselves into a very good and very diligent girl.Because only this kind of me can my parents praise me a few words.

Later, when I was about to study in junior high school, the chickens breeding at home died.My parents lost a lot of money, so I didn’t let me go to high school. I said that I couldn’t study, I couldn’t get a high school, and I wasted money.The younger brother went to college safely, and found a good job in the city, and now he has been married.

In recent years, I often think of the pain in the past.Fortunately, now I have grown up and found the other half, and I have lived a good life.My husband and I do some small business, and the income is quite objective. He quickly bought a house in the city and settled.There is already a son now.

His father died a few years ago, and there was only one mother left at home.When my mother knew that I made some money, I started to get much better to me. Our relationship has eased a lot. From beginning to end, I found that I didn’t hate my mother.

As the income is getting more and more, I have a lot of spare time, so as long as I have something to do with my mother, I drove over for the first time. Only I was helping my mother to deal with it, and I couldn’t see my brother’s shadow at all.From then on, my mother asked me if she had no money. If she had something to do, I asked me to send me to the hospital.Once my mother was sick and was hospitalized directly, I paid for it and took care of people, and it was delayed for several days.

Later, my mother was okay to me, and then gave birth to a son. Our relationship was much better. From time to time, she went home to chat with me to see her son and buy toys and clothes for my son.

Just a few days ago, I even checked my pregnancy. I hurriedly told my mother about the good news. My mother also expressed that she was very happy. Soon, I looked at me from the countryside and gave me stewed old hens. It was really delicious.I also felt the care of my mother, and the once -unhappy smoke disappeared.

The day when my mother accompanied me at home, the younger brother called and said that his brother -in -law was also pregnant.My mother and I were very happy, and the family was really happy.Looking at my mother’s happiness, I first let my mother go to my brother’s house to take care of her brother -in -law, and my mother walked happily.I also took away the chicken I had prepared for me, and my heart was very unhappy.

After a few days, my mother suddenly said that she was going to see me. I was very happy. I felt that my mother still loved me in her heart. I only mentioned a plate of eggs on the door, saying that it would make up for me.Although I was a little unhappy in my heart, it was all my mother’s love. I still comforted myself and accepted it.

After a few minutes at home, the mother hurried away again.After a while, my brother called me to tell me that my mother was safe. By the way, I cared about my body, and mentioned that my mother sent her daughter -in -law gold bracelet.Then I knew that my mother gave her brother a gold bracelet.And I didn’t tell me.

I don’t have to think about it, I know that my mother treats my brother -in -law’s face, and it must be pleasing to flattering.Is it because of guilt, so I bought me a box of eggs to comfort me, or comforted her own conscience?After listening to my brother’s words, my heart was always uncomfortable.I started to think of the once.

I called my mother and confirmed the incident with her. The mother also confessed and said, "Oh, you are a sister, just do it.The words directly anger me, I answered fiercely: "I agree with you very much. Don’t come to me if you have something in the future. Find your good son -in -law!" Hurry up and hung up the phone after a breath.

My pro -daughter gives eggs and gives daughter -in -law a gold bracelet. My mother can really be a human.I have always been angry in my heart. I have worked at home since I remember. Even if people say that my parents’ grace is greater than heaven, I should be considered to be benevolent.

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