Dalian’s 36 -year -old married woman was pregnant and had children. I didn’t know who the child was, so …

The old man suddenly heard crying outside the window. When he went out, he found that there was an abandoned baby under his back window.After investigation, a 36 -year -old woman who was 13 years older than her was a lover relationship. The woman gave birth to a child during pregnancy, but she did not know who the child’s father was, so …

Boy boy was thrown under the window of the residents

Old Zhou, who was over 60 years old, lived in Yingge Shilinjia Village in the jurisdiction of Shunlong Wangtang, Dalian. At more than 12 noon on April 17, 2018, Lao Zhou suddenly heard a baby crying outside the window. At first he thought he had heard it wrong.But as the cry became bigger and louder, Lao Zhou got up and came out of the house to check, but found that a baby boy with a quilt was lying on the platform behind his house.

The child is wrapped in a light blue quilt, a light blue hat, and pink clothes.There is only a can of milk powder and a bottle around the child … The temperature outside the day was not high. When I saw the baby who was frozen on the platform, Lao Zhou quickly took the child back home.It is understood that the abandoned baby boy looks two or three months old and looks healthy. The child does not prove the child’s identity and the date of birth.

Why such a cute little boy was abandoned ruthlessly by his parents? Fortunately, the child was discovered in time, otherwise an accident would occur.While the villagers, while the poor children, they also strongly condemned their parents’ behavior.

Lao Zhou then called the alarm, and the police immediately investigated the matter, and the baby boy was sent to the Dalian Social Welfare Academy.

The child was born by a woman and a lover

The police quickly found the abandoned child.Ms. Xin, born in 1982, was married and was a lover relationship with Wang, who was 13 years older than her.At the beginning of 2018, Ms. Xin found that she was pregnant, but she could not determine who the child’s father was, so she concealed her husband and Wang, and returned to the old home of Gag Dadch, Heilongjiang Province to undergo induction.

When Ms. Xin went to the hospital for examination, she found that the fetus had been unable to induce labor for a full month, so she gave birth to a baby boy. During her production, her sister Xiao Xin took a passport.In early April 2018, Ms. Xin and her sister brought the baby boy back to Dalian, and confused that the child was born of Xiao Xin, who could not be raised and was brought back to the support by Ms. Xin. Wang did not know about it.

After arriving in Dalian, Ms. Xin sisters raised the baby boy for more than ten days. During this time, Wang also went to visit the baby boy. Later, due to weakness, Ms. Xin and Wang discussed the baby boy.On the morning of April 17, 2018, Wang Mou drove Ms. Ms. Sisters and Xiao Xin’s friend Dong, who took the baby boy to Lushun Salt Field.The baby transferred to a taxi to Linjia Village, Longwangtang Street, and threw the child to the back window of Zhou’s house and left.

After identification,

Ms. Xin, the mother of abandoned the baby boy,

My father is Wang.


Ms. Xin and Wang Mou said

Unwilling to raise a baby boy.

The three of them were abandoned.

On November 21, 2018, the People’s Procuratorate of Ganjingzi District filed a public prosecution against Ms. Xin, Wang, and Xiao Xin.

The court trial considers

Ms. Xin refused to support the obligation to support her young children and abandoned her born baby boy; Wang actively planned to plan, find places for crime and commit abandoned behavior in the abandoned crime;Human behavior violates the equal rights of the victims among family members, and its behavior has constituted abandonment and should be punished.

In this case, the three defendants were a joint crime. Ms. Xin and Wang played the main role in the joint crime. They were the main criminals, and Xiao Xin took the secondary role.Frankly, confession and punishment can be punished lightly; Ms. Xin and Wang in the public security organs are unwilling to raise the abandoned baby boy, and they are punished as appropriate.The three defendants meet the community correction conditions.Combined with the comprehensive situation of this case, the three defendants can be applied to the probation.

The first trial of the People’s Court of Ganjingzi District,

Ms. Xin and Wang committed abandonment,

The sentence is sentenced to one year and one year in probation;

Xiaoxin committed crime,

The sentence is eight months in prison and one year in probation.

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