Da Ying

Clinically, Da Ying-35 and You Siming are often used for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Many young ladies who are many polycysts of ovary syndrome are often tangled. Which side effects of Da Ying-35 and You Siming?

Da Ying-35 and You Siming are two short-acting contraceptives. In addition to contraception, they also adjust the endocrine.It can treat many women’s diseases, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, women’s acne, high androgens, menstrual disorders, and functional uterine bleeding.These two medicines are produced by the same manufacturer, and their effects are similar.Someone refers to You Siming as the sister of Da Ying-35.

Both the Daying-35 and You Siming have anti -roged and inhibited ovulation effects. They can adjust the menstrual cycle to achieve the purpose of contraception or treatment of sores and polycystic ovary syndrome.But the drug composition is different, the main difference is:

1. The content of estrogen is not the same. In a germine, it contains 30 μg of diaryol, and the Ying Ying 35 contains 35 μg of diarrheol.The estrogen in the body is more supplemented, which will cause water and sodium to stay and gain weight.As the saying goes, you get fat.However, this kind of fat will drop after stopping the medicine.In short, relatively low side effects of estrogen content will be smaller.

2. The progesterone content is different. The progesterone contained in You Siming is called alntone, and the progesterone contained in Da Ying-35 is called cyclopyphidone. Since cyclopypene progesterone is likely to reduce the level of male androgen in women, reducing the androgen of therogens and reduces the androgen.Synthetic, blocking the peripheral effect ofrogens, so the male-reduced male-drop effect of Da Ying-35 will be obvious.The treatment effect of large pores, hairy, and acne is more obvious.

After taking short -acting contraceptives, breast pain or nausea may occur, vomiting, rash, irregular bleeding, decreased or increased vaginal secretions, and more severe adverse reactions consider thrombosis, hypertension, liver disease, jaundice, and allergic reactions.EssenceRelatively speaking, You Siming’s side effects are smaller than Da Ying-35.

If therogens are not high or just a little higher, less than 30 acne, no pustules, and the preferred You Siming during treatment.If there is a need for fertility, the hormone level is usually required for 3-6 months of medication. The test results can be used to promote ovulation treatment under the guidance of a doctor to increase the chance of pregnancy.

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