Contradicances should be done well, and the harm of abortion is greater than imagined!Let’s take a look at these three ways of contraception

I don’t know if you have seen abortion advertisements on the street."Green Palace has no painless abortion surgery, completed in three minutes."This similarly promoted abortion that promoted the abortion very simple.Advertising also completely blurred the dangers of miscarriage. Listening to this kind of advertisement, many people will have illusions. The harm of abortion to the body may be like cutting nails, and there is no harm to the body.

In fact, this kind of advertisement is a misleading woman with less physiological knowledge.With the development of society, the ratio of pre -marital sex is increasing.For those who are not prepared for pregnancy, if there is no protective measures, it is possible to get accidental pregnancy and abortion damage to women with great damage. These contraceptive methods must be understood.

The most commonly used contraception-contraceptive.Under the premise of proper use, the contraceptive perfection power of condoms can be as high as 95%.It is convenient for condoms and has no damage to men and women’s bodies. It is one of the most commonly used contraceptives at present.However, when buying condoms, pay attention to buying in regular manufacturers. Otherwise, it may not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but also cause inflammation due to health problems.

Contraceptives and contraceptives.When other contraceptives fail, emergency contraceptives can be used for contraception.Emergency contraceptives are to inhibit ovulation by interfere with hormone balance in the body, or prevent the eggs that have already been fertilized.Menstruation will basically be disordered after taking emergency contraceptives, and it may also cause stomach pain in the physiological period.

In addition, long -term contraceptive pills are now gradually entering people’s vision.The effect of contraception by long -term intake of drugs.At present, long -term contraceptives are often used to treat women’s endocrine disorders.Although the side effects of this method are smaller than emergency contraceptives, it is three poisonous medicines, and the side effects are still not small, which may affect female physiological disorders, or even amenorrhea.If you want to take long -term contraceptives, it is recommended to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Priority: Safety contraception methods are unreliable and risks are high!It is not recommended to use safety contraception.Some women believe that it can not be contraceptive during a safe period. In fact, it is very inaccurate to rely on the calculation date. The specific situation of the body may change at any time as the environment changes.If ovulation in advance, you may not achieve the effect you want.Therefore, it is recommended to use more reliable methods.If you want to pursue it once and for all, there are still some method of subcutaneous implantation to achieve long -term contraceptive effects. This method must be performed under the guidance of a doctor, and at the same time, there are many side effects, so you should think twice first.

According to data from the World Health Organization, the number of abortion around the world is about 50 million each year, and China has about 13 million each year.Women cannot despise themselves, and the dangers of abortion are not as light as a miscarriage hospital.

Is there a simple way in the concept of many people in the concept of many people?In fact, there is no less harm to drug abortion than artificial abortion.Some wrong concepts believe that taking medicine can achieve the effect of miscarriage.In fact, the damage of abortion of drugs is no less than artificial abortion.

The first major harm of drug abortion is drug allergies.If some patients are not carried out in regular hospitals, they will be very dangerous if they are allergic to drugs or at home at home or at home!At the same time, pay attention to the infection after using the drug.After the drug is underwritten, the bleeding time is relatively long. Generally, the bleeding is generally 7-10 days, and the probability of infection is higher.At this time, a little disapproval of hygiene may cause infection and inflammation.

The success rate of drug use is not 100 %, and it is likely to cause secondary damage.According to statistics, the success rate of the drug flow is about 85%. Once there is no success in miscarriage, the second clearing palace must be performed, which will cause damage to the endometrium.It is equivalent to another artificial abortion surgery.

Artificial abortion may lead to damage to the uterus, and severe may cause subsequent pregnancy difficulties.Artificial abortion is to scrape the fertilized eggs that have been imposed on the uterus, which will inevitably cause damage to the endometrium, which will affect subsequent natural conception.

Endocrine is disrupted and affects physical balance.Pregnancy is performed under a natural situation.Whenever ovulation, women’s male hormones secrete more and full of energy.After the fertilized egg binding, the eggs became a fertilized egg and started to bed.Fertilization eggs start to split.After artificial abortion, the level of hormone in the body is significantly disordered.The natural development process was suddenly interrupted.Some women are not controlled by their body after abortion, which are affected by hormones in the body.

If you don’t pay attention to care, the probability of various gynecological diseases will increase greatly.Artificial abortion surgery is to explore the tool into the body for surgery. If the care is not good after surgery, various gynecological diseases are prone to occur.If gynecological diseases are not well controlled, it may lead to more serious consequences.

The harm of abortion is larger than the average person thinks, and women are responsible for their own body.Regardless of the attitude of your partner, you must take contraceptive measures before you are ready to get pregnant!

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