Constipation in the third trimester of pregnancy

I believe that every novice pregnant mother knows that the moment she is pregnant is particularly happy.

Pregnant mothers are not easy to go through all kinds of monsters to upgrade: early pregnancy is severe, and she is worried about the little baby in the stomach in the stomach., But you need to slowly adapt to the various changes of your body; the back pain, back pain toe and painful leg acid in the third trimester, you want to eat everything, but your poor little stomach can not pretend.Drustering and not beautiful.

Today, I’m here to share with you the problem of calmly facing constipation on the third trimester:

1/I wake up every morning to wake up. The first thing is to let yourself drink a glass of warm water first, at least 450-550ml;

Drink a glass of water in the morning

2/After 5 minutes on the bed, get up and stand up and walk for about 5-10 minutes, then brush your teeth and wash your face;

3/Before breakfast or after breakfast, you must develop the habit of going to the toilet for a while. You can use your mobile phone to brush the news or pass the book in your hand.Reaction of conditional launch;

4/After breakfast until lunch or meals, you must drink plenty of water. The lemonade I drink in the morning (if you are diagnosed with patients with gestational diabetes or sugar resistance, you can drink lemonade directly. Do not add honey.It will affect blood sugar), about 800 to 1000ml of drinking water, walking after breakfast for half an hour;

5/Lunch must ensure that ingested at least 250g of vegetables. The crude fiber of green vegetables can alleviate constipation problems; take half an hour after lunch to promote the gastrointestinal digestive food;

6/After lunch to dinner or meals, the total drinking water is 400 to 600ml. Be sure to ensure that at least 250g of vegetables in dinner, walk for half an hour after dinner;

7/Drink a cup of sugar yogurt before going to bed.

Before you fall asleep, you must seize the opportunity if you have a sense of defecation, because your body will slowly generate a conditional launch capability to the toilet/toilet.

Overall, face constipation in the third trimester, you need to control your mouth, drink plenty of water, and open your legs.Do not eat too spicy or greasy foods. Gastrointestinal digestive migration in the third trimester is slow. These foods are not conducive to making them smooth.Moreover, the fetus is 10 months, gritting his teeth, and for the baby in the stomach, the time passes!

Mom, cheer for each pregnancy!

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