Constipation during pregnancy?Pregnant women pay attention to these 4 things, which is good for preventing constipation

During pregnancy, Baoma should bear a lot of pain. Some mothers not only vomit after pregnancy, but also back pain. Many women find constipation after pregnancy. This phenomenon rarely occur before.common.Why are there a phenomenon of constipation in many pregnancy?

Why is it easy for constipation during pregnancy?

1. Hormone changes

After pregnancy, under the influence of hormone changes in the body, the placenta secretes a large amount of progesterone, thereby reducing gastric acid secretion, gastrointestinal muscle tension, and muscle peristalsis.In this way, the food you eat in the gastrointestinal tract stays longer and cannot be discharged normally as before pregnancy.Because the food stays in the intestine for a long time, the water in the food residues is absorbed by the intestinal wall cells, making the stool dry and hard, and it is difficult to excrete the body.

2. Reduce activity

After pregnancy, pregnant women have less physical activity than before pregnancy, which makes it difficult for intestinal muscles to advance their feces outward.

3. Extraction of uterus

The enlarged uterus will put pressure on the rectum, making it difficult for feces to discharge.

4. Insufficient abdominal pressure

The abdominal wall muscles of pregnant women will become weak, insufficient abdominal pressure, and cannot promote defecation.Therefore, even if pregnant women have the willingness to defecate, they will shrink the abdominal muscles hard, and it is difficult to discharge the feces accumulated in the rectum.

How to improve constipation during pregnancy?

1. Be bowish on time

Speaking of how to improve constipation during pregnancy, the habit of developing regular bowel movements is very helpful, which is very helpful for improving constipation during pregnancy.After waking up every day, pregnant women can squat in the toilet to develop good bowel habits.Then, naturally, once a day, it will have a consciousness and then defecate.

2. Pay attention to eating more miscellaneous dishes

How to improve constipation during pregnancy?Pregnant moms need to be replenished reasonably after pregnancy, but they cannot only eat high -protein foods, including vegetables, fruits and omnivorous foods, because it can increase cellulose in the body, promote gastrointestinal motility, and help soften stools. This is also improving constipation during pregnancy.Very helpful.

3. Moderate exercise

How to improve constipation during pregnancy?Many pregnant moms in life will be very careful during pregnancy and dare not exercise at will.Some people even sit or lie down for a long time.However, in fact, without sufficient exercise, they will slow down intestinal motility.Therefore, expectant mothers should maintain proper exercise.In daily life, they can take a lot of walks during pregnancy, which is very helpful for preventing and improving constipation during pregnancy.

4. Keep a relaxed and happy mood

If the pregnant mother is unhappy, the sleep will be worse, the functions of various organs of the body will also be affected, and it is easy to constipation.Therefore, expectant mothers should try to maintain a good physical and mental state. When they are in a bad mood, they can communicate with their families and friends.

Constipation is not a problem, but it is really uncomfortable for pregnant mothers, so be careful when dealing with.After all, pregnancy is during a relatively sensitive period.

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