Congratulations!The 33 -year -old actress official announced that she was pregnant, her husband was so excited that she covered her face and cried, and she had been in trouble for 10 years to get marr

On June 21, Liu Nanxi, a senior actor who filmed "Ugly Girl Invincible", posted a video on the social account.The blessings of countless netizens.

In the video, Liu Nanxi appeared in his face, his skin was very fair and smooth, but the whole person looked a lot of plump, his face was very fleshy, which was very different from the cool and handsome image in "Ugly Woman Invincible".

I saw Liu Nanxi holding a pregnancy test paper in the toilet, and happily told the camera that he had used test strips for so many years, and for the first time, he measured the two bars of pregnancy.

Speaking, she pursed her mouth, her eyes were covered with tears, and her mood seemed to be gradually excited. It can be seen that she had been looking forward to this child for a long time, and now she has a relieved joy.

After a while, Liu Nanxi handed the pregnancy test strip to her husband "Qi Zi". The other party saw the red eyes and turned red. He looked at the pregnancy test paper and repeatedly looked at it. He also asked Liu Nanxi to be true or false, as if incredible.

After receiving a positive answer, "Qi Zi" cried excitedly, covering her face with tears, and thanked Liu Nanxi in distress, saying that "the daughter -in -law has worked hard."

And Liu Nanxi’s voice became choked, and the couple’s hugging cried together made people look very moved.

After the video was exposed, netizens were also very happy, and they shared their pregnancy experience in the comments, hoping to help the novice parents, and even many people even revealed that they followed Liu Nanxi’s couple with excitement.The reason why netizens are so excited is that Liu Nanxi is too difficult to get pregnant.

It is reported that in addition to filming a series of TV series "Ugly Girl Invincible" series of TV series, 33 -year -old Liu Nanxi has also filmed hit film and television dramas such as "Call Call Big Star", "Huang Dani", "The Cloud of Xuanyuan Sword", "Perfect Relationship", and the development of the acting career.It’s pretty good.

Emotionally, she and her husband Qi Zi are classmates of the Central Academy of Drama. From campus couples to today’s old husband and wife, they have been in love for 16 years and have been married for more than 10 years.

It can be seen from their social account that the relationship between the couple has always been particularly loving.

The only regret is that they have been actively preparing for pregnancy for so many years. Qi Zai quit smoking for 16 years, cooking his wife every day, insisting on soaking his feet, and exercising.Hearts are pregnant, but the baby never came to this little family.

Fortunately, Kung Fu is worthy of care, and Liu Nanxi finally became pregnant.I hope that the baby can be born smoothly and safely, and also wishes their family to be happier!


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Editor: Cherry

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