Cold sweat, there is no strength to stand for a long time

Single mother in Jing’an District, Shanghai was a successful elite and strong woman in the workplace four years ago. She entered the grave of marriage half a year later. Her husband was very good to her at first.Her husband’s cold violence and domestic violence her. Every time she finished, she kneeling on the ground and apologized to her, and she forgives, but behind all this was paved for her husband’s derailment one year later. She couldn’t bear it.At home, I checked the clothes and records of her husband every time he went out and the computer, and the records and consumption records. As a evidence of her husband’s derailment, time said that time was verified by the human heart, but also verified humanity and witnessed the truth of the truth.She called her girlfriend to ask her to come to the house, tell her girlfriend, and ask her girlfriend to not tell anything. She was fainted. She found her pregnancy in the hospital for ten months. After October, she was born.Confinement, recover your body after confinement.

A year later, she filed an agreement to divorce her husband. Half of the property and her children were raised by herself. After three, her own performance and performance in the workplace were very good. Four years later, today’s single mother’s mother’s.The child is already going to elementary school, but on this afternoon, the single -parent mother stood up after eating, and felt wrong, sweatless, could not stand, and sent a message to her girlfriend to ask if she could help her first help her first.Take a long day and send her child to school. Her girlfriend sent a message to her. Single treasure mom searched online Shanghai’s professional security and guarantee service platform, and saw the professional and secure accompanying accompany of Aitabang service.For the clinic service platform, single -parent Baoma searched for the public account of Aitangbang with WeChat, and paid attention to the public account on the public account. Book the clinic companion service of the order hospital 48 hours in advance.Two days ago, I went to the hospital to be familiar with the process and the knowledge of the disease, as well as the items and documents to be brought to, and to go to the outpatient clinic of the hospital for one minute in advance.

The clinic at the clinic at the outpatient clinic of the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine School of Medicine, the clinic at the entrance of the clinic at the clinic at the clinic at the clinic at the entrance of the Adabang companion platform at the hospital at the door of the hospital was waiting for the single -parent mother who came to see the doctor.Book the number and number of Director Sun Huiping, the Department of Hematology, and queue up to see a doctor in front of the threshold of the blood in the blood of the blood.Psychological emotions.

In the clinic, Director Sun asked about the condition of the single -parent mother. Single treasure mother said that he would sweat coldly. He had no strength to stand for a long time. Director Sun asked Single Bao Mom before., The doctor looked at the past medical history of the single -parent mother, as well as the diagnosis and the right prescribed medicine. The clinic asked about the hospital’s attention next to him.Medicine, I was sending the single -parent mother to the car home to go home, saying goodbye to her, and the clinic person sent the car to go home to leave the hospital.The content of the doctor’s order was sent to the single -parent mother, as well as the heartwarming care after the consultation and the greetings of warm care.

The residents in Shanghai trust the professional Aidbang service companion platform. It is a professional accompanying service team of nurses and doctors on the platform of the platform of Aido’s service itself.Trust and safety professional guarantee platforms and national brands with meticulous clinic and meticulous clinic services.

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