Cold or not during pregnancy or not. What should I do if pregnant mothers do?

Colds often occur, and occasional colds are good for the body.But for pregnant mothers, a cold cannot be despised.A person’s illness affects the health of two people.Therefore, many mothers pay close attention to their physical conditions during pregnancy. They are afraid of accidental colds, and they will be in trouble.

Why do mothers embarrass?Because once you get sick, your physical fitness will decrease. The baby in the stomach is slow because of insufficient nutritional supply, and it even affects the baby’s bone development and intellectual development.If you choose to take medicine, you must consider that the medicine is three -point poison, will these drugs affect the baby.Many mothers choose not to take medicine because they are afraid that drugs will affect their baby’s intelligence and bone development, and they will not take medicine and adopt a long food supplement.

In order not to cause damage to the baby, we must make preventive preparations in daily life to reduce the chance of colds.

1. Exercise

Enhance the mother’s constitution to prevent colds. When it’s okay, go downstairs with her husband to take a walk downstairs, breathe fresh air, adjust the mentality by the way, can also do some aerobic exercises, strengthen your physical fitness according to professional guidance.

Second, balanced diet

Diet has always been one aspect of pregnant mothers.No matter which stage you are in pregnancy, you must pay attention to diet health, scientific matching, light taste and less accessories, and eat more foods that are easy to digest, and vegetables and fruits are not less.Balanced nutrition, rational matching you can ensure your health and transport health nutrition for your baby.

Third, diligent ventilation

Pregnant mothers have good physical fitness and cannot be separated from the impact of environmental factors.In normal life, we must keep the room clean, open more windows and ventilated, so that the sunlight time is longer, providing pregnant mothers with a clean living environment.

Fourth, isolation

Colds are the easiest to be contagious, especially through saliva and air transmission.Once there is a cold around, you have to stay away from this environment as soon as possible, or even isolated to prevent bacteria from infection.Usually wash your hands frequently, go out with a mask, and stay away from the places where people are mixed.

These are the ways we prevent colds in time.But what should we do if we have a cold as a pregnant mother?Don’t panic, you can boil some ginger soup to remove the cold in the body. At the same time, pay attention to the changes in the weather appropriately on weekdays, add more water and vitamin C, and maintain a good attitude, and we can spend it steadily.If you feel that a cold has begun to be severe, and accompanied by symptoms such as cough and fever, don’t drag it anymore, take a doctor in time, and keep your cold according to the doctor’s instructions to ensure that your cold will not affect your baby.

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