Codonopsis, you can chew directly

Many people in Lingnan often have the habit of dangling soup in the Lingnan area. It is also common in Chinese medicines, such as the famous Buzhong Yiqi Pill.Codonopsis, as an important member of Chinese medicine, has good health value, and the codonic ginseng enters the cricket.

In ancient times, the party ginseng produced by the Party ginseng produced by the Party area of Shanxi was the top product.In modern times, there are many people in the origin of Codonopsis. According to the place of origin: Codonopsis, Western Codonopsis, Codonopsis, Oriental Ginseng, and White Party Ginseng.Among them, the best quality Codonopsis is the tattoo Codonopsis of Wenxian County, Gansu, and referred to as the tattoo party, which belongs to the Western Codonasis.

The only recognized party origin in Wenxian County, Gansu is also the national geographical sign of the place.

The surface of the tattoo party is mainly gray -yellow or gray -brown, with irregular longitudinal grooves and shrinkage. The tattoo party’s fine horizontal patterns are distributed most of the body.There are most protruding stem marks and bud marks in the root head, integrated spherical, and it is called "lion head".The center of the section is dark yellow, yellow and white in the outer circle, and radial patterns, commonly known as "chrysanthemum heart".

Codonopsis, replenish qi without fire, hydrates without moisture, nourish blood without nourishing, strengthen the spleen without drying, moisturize the lungs without cooling.It can be said that it is peaceful in medicinal materials named after the word "ginseng".Some ginseng may be too much, and it may be just right for Codonopsis.Simple identification method of high -quality party

1. Look at the color:

The color of the codonoposcis in sulfur is white, while the sulfur -free Codonopsis is dark yellow, the aged people and even the brownish yellow.

2. Smell the smell:

When the Codonopsis is taken to the nose, the sulfur -smoked Codonopsis has a irritating odor, while the sulfur -free party participates in a faint fragrance or slightly earthy smell.

3. Taste the taste:

Take a short paragraph and chew in your mouth. The sulfur fumigation has a sour taste; while the sulfur -free Codonopsis has a strong flavor, and the sweet chewing is fragmented.

Usually we buy a biosonic ginseng in the marketing pharmacies, and the surface is light yellow or yellow -brown.The most ideal state is to carry out nine steaming and tens of sun -to -nine sun -to -nine -to -nourish qi effects.

The steaming time is also particular. It is best to steam the sun when the weather is dry every year (the steaming time of only 4 months a year, so it takes 3 years for nine steaming and ten years).After steaming, the codonopsis epidermis is dark brown. The section can be seen that the sugar is obviously steamed, and the sweetness is more obvious, and it can be eaten directly.A good Codonopsis can do one thing and four foods!

1. Snacks

Codonopsis uses traditional methods to make artificial slices.Easy to carry, anytime, anywhere, instant health!The entrance is fragrant, the taste of chewing is sweet, and the mouth is full of the scent of the cosmic ginseng.After the Cangshen of the agent used as a snack, I can only like it, luxury!

Water in water

Usually, we often say that people have to be middle -aged. In addition to wolfberry in the thermal insulation cup, you can also consider bubble Codonopsis.Codonopsis water has a lot of effect on the body.Yellow essence, astragalus, red dates, etc. are its "perfect match" to promote health.

Third, soup

[Materials] Codonopsis 8G, Poria 15g of Turkey, 3g of Angelica, 5g of Yuan meat, one papaya, a catfish tail (optional add pork bone, the soup will be more rich).

[Cooking method] 1. Peel the papaya in advance and cut into large pieces; 2. Fry the double -sided sides of the catfish to golden; 3. Wash the medicinal materials first and put cold water into the pot;After half an hour, adjust it to a low heat pot for 1.5 hours. 5. Add papaya in the last half hour. Add an appropriate amount of salt before drinking.Clear your heart and replenish qi, which can resolve a bowl of irritability in the spring.

Fourth, sparkling wine

Codonopathies used to make wine, it is best to choose a codonop party ginseng that has been produced in time and nine steaming and tens of tanning to give full play to its efficacy. Occasionally, a drink is very good.

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