Codonopsis: qi and blood double supplement "villain"

Some people yin and yang deficiency, take yin medicine, afraid of cold, take qi and nourish yang medicine, and be afraid of getting angry.Such people, nourishing products that can be taken in the four seasons, can choose Tremella and Codonopsis.——Es, people who have two losses and yellow complexions can take Codonopsis for a long time.

The ancients named Codonopolita "villain ginseng" and often used it as a substitute for ginseng.

The role of Codonopsis is similar to ginseng, but the strength is weaker.

Ancient and modern medicines use ginseng, cure or supplement. If it is not convenient for ginseng, it can generally be replaced by Codonopsis. Of course, the amount of dosage should be more and longer.

"Materia Medica Justice" says that Codonopsis- "The power of the Liaoliao ginseng is heavier, but less biased in the feminine, the smell of Korean ginseng is majestic, and the micro -suspicion of the strong person is particularly good., And it is not suitable … "…"

This means that the Northeast Ginseng (Liao Shen) and Gaoli Ginseng have a strong effect, but they are soft and one, while the party ginseng is peaceful.

Codonop participation does not get angry, not to get angry, hydrates without moisture, nourish blood without nourishing, strengthen the spleen without dryness, and moisturize the lungs without cooling.

Men, women, elderly people, and young people can eat.Children who are weak can also eat.

Both Codonopsis and astragalus have the effect of nourishing qi, and the effect is very fast.Where is their difference?

Astragalus has the function of improving qi up, and can solidify the surface (enhances the ability of the human body to resist external evil).

Codonopsis does not have a solid surface, but it can enrich the essence of the human body.

Codonopsis qi nourish yin, astragalus nourish qi and nourish the yang.People with losing Qi Yin should eat more codonopsis, and people with qi deficiency and yang deficiency should eat more astragalus.

If qi and blood are lost and your body is weak, the effect will be better with the party’s reference to Astragalus.

Codonopsis is the proportion of astragalus: people with heavy moisture and people who love colds can have a larger amount of astragalus.

Codonopsis is rich in nutrients, so it is easy to grow worms, so sulfur is generally generally smoked.

Smooth sulfur can not only prevent insects, but also take care of them (smoked sulfur when it was not dry, making the medicinal materials heavier, earning more profits, and making moldy medicinal materials bright and pretending to be good.

I asked the pharmaceutical dealer to demonstrate the codonin sulfur process on the spot. I only used a small sulfur, and it smoked for a few minutes after litting. Everyone present kept coughing, and my eyes were tingling.

When you really smoke sulfur to the Codonopsis, you need to use a bucket of sulfur to smoke for 7 days without interruption for 7 days after litting; if the cosmic ginseng does not dry, it will smoke for 10 days and 10 nights.EssenceTherefore, sulfur residues that smoke sulfur are not just on the surface. Washing cannot be washed off.

When buying Chinese medicine, you should pay attention that the "sulfur -free" medicinal materials marked by the pharmaceutical dealer may not really have no sulfur.

During the on -site inspection of the medicinal material market, pharmacists were used to dividing the medicinal materials into "sulfur -containing", "sulfur -free" and "pure sulfur -free".The so -called "sulfur -free" is not no sulfur, but no excessive sulfur.

In addition, the quality of Dangshen with different places and different varieties is different, and the content of Codonopsis is large.

Pharmacological effects of Codonatosidin: Anti -cancer, antibacterial, anti -inflammatory, regulating prostate function, repairing alcohol damage to gastric mucosa.

Codonopsis is based on astragalus: nourishing the middle qi, improving immunity, suitable for people with insufficient qi, deficiency cough, asthma, fatigue, and poor resistance.

Wuwei Ginseng Tea: Codonopsis, Astragalus, Schisandra, Luo Han Guo, Lycium barbarum.

Method: Mash the Schisandra slightly, and break the Luo Han Guo. Boil it with water with Codonopsis and astragalus for 40 minutes (you can cook it three times), filter the tea juice and put it in wolfberry, and drink it after drying.

Party guidelines are subject to angelica: promoting blood circulation and bleeding, nourishing liver and blood, suitable for people with blood stasis, cardiovascular disease, irregular menstruation, dizziness, and insomnia.

① Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia

② High blood pressure or low blood pressure (party ginseng can be adjusted in dual direction)

③ Gynecological deficiency

④ Spleen and stomach deficiency and poor appetite

⑤ weak limbs, easy fatigue

⑥ qi and qi deficiency



What are the cases should not eat Codonopsis: do not eat or follow the doctor’s advice during fever or acute diseases.

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