China exceeds 9 million people every year to do artificial abortion: These two methods of contraception, I know that less suffering

"This is my second time this year. I chose the abortion last time. I was thinking about this time.

The fans of the private letter introduced her own situation: She was 20 years old and had moved out to live with her boyfriend early, but her boyfriend has never liked to take security measures.In the first half of this year, I had no intention of getting pregnant once, and it was 2 months when I found it. Because the two were small, I heard the operation and had a miscarriage.

Who would have thought that just 4 months later, the fan was pregnant again, because of the same reason, they chose to have a miscarriage …

Many people may think that "artificial abortion" is a common thing and has no impact on the body. Even news reports that have reported "16 -year -old abortion and 17 -year -old miscarriage 17 times".

Xiao Jiu wants to remind everyone that this is really not as simple as everyone thinks.

According to Yang Wenzhuang, director of the Population Family Department of the National Health and Health Commission, according to the health statistics yearbook, the total number of women of childbearing age in my country is declining, but artificial abortion is still high, with about 9 million cases each year.

The total number, the proportion of young unmarried unmarried non -breeding, and the high repeated abortion rate are the three major status quo of Chinese abortion.

According to statistics, the number of artificial flows nationwide in 2018 and 2019 reached 9.74 million examples and 9.76 million cases, respectively. From 2014 to 2019, the number of artificial abortion was about 9.5 million, and the abortion rate was 25.95-28.13%, which was a global level.

China is also one of the countries with the highest labor abortion rate and repeated abortion rate in the world, and it is becoming more and more young.

With the opening of sexual concepts, the abortion rate of young people is also getting higher and higher, but they may not expect that artificial abortion is not as simple as imagined.

Zhang Yu, deputy chief physician of the Gynecology Department of Peking Union Hospital, described in "Only Doctors Know" that the flow of people may be different at the beginning. With the expansion of the full -scale scratching cavity, it will cause a kind of pain that has been stunned from lumbosacral to the heart and brain.Many women can’t help yelling.Although the "painless abortion" has helped relieve the pain in recent years, it is only painless in the operation, but the damage has not decreased.

Similarly, the drug flow is not simply taken to take medicine.

The drug flow is limited to the immature embryo, and women are pregnant within 49 days.The drug flow is not finished, and some women will have continuous vaginal bleeding; some women will not pay attention to hygiene after the drug, causing uterine cavity infections; there are still few people who have miscarriage and may need surgery to clear the palace.

If you have to do abortion (taking drugs, etc.), you should choose an operation abortion or the drug flow?

Surgical abortion is relatively wide, and pregnancy products can be directly absorbed, and the success rate is higher.However, there may be complications after surgery, including uterine perforation, uterine rupture, endocrine disorders, and amenorrhea.

The abortion of the drug avoids the operation of the uterine cavity and does not occur in the uterine perforation. However, there is also a risk of hemorrhage, and the success rate is relatively low in surgery, and there is also restrictions in time.Therefore, if you really need to abortion, you should follow the doctor’s advice to choose a solution that suits you.

"Painless abortion is safe", "minors can also", "absolute confidential privacy" … Many private maternal and children hospitals may put similar advertisements, attracting many women to perform surgery, but honestly, artificially, artificially, artificially speaking, artificially speaking, artificially speaking, manual speakingThe influence of flow on the body is not a little bit.

1. Perform perforation

When women are pregnant, the uterus becomes very soft, and even if it can be damaged when it comes, surgery will further increase the probability of uterine perforation.

2. Flowing syndrome

Some patients may have discomfort, vomiting, vomiting, chest tightness, pale face, and arrhythmia during abortion. In severe cases, they may also experience syncope, convulsions, and even shock.

3. Extra pregnancy

The impact of artificial abortion is not only reflected in the near future.When the patient is undergoing abortion, it may cause tubal adhesion. During the future pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy may occur due to the obstacles of the fallopian tube.

4. Temporated various gynecological diseases

Artificial abortion may also increase the lesions such as endometritis, fallopianitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., which causes a lot of problems for future pregnancy.

5. Increase risk risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

Abortion also has a certain relationship with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Female abortion may produce an amino acid that can damage blood vessels -highly same cysteine. This amino acid is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular lesions.

Whether or not to see the history of abortion mainly depends on the way of abortion.

Generally, the pregnancy is less than 7 weeks, and the embryo is very small. It is aborted with medicine. It is difficult to discover through the cervical mouth; or if the pregnancy is less than 10 weeks, the abortion of artificial uterus is used, and the cervical mouth can generally be restored before pregnancy.

But in some special circumstances, even if the history of abortion is concealed, the doctor can find it through the following 3 points:

Menstruation changes: After miscarriage, it can cause uterine inflammation, endocrine dysfunction, etc. Patients will have a reduction or disappearance of menstrual flow;

Cervical injury: Artificial abortion may affect the cervical canal or the endometrial tissue, causing cervical damage;

Situration of the birth canal: There is an abortion method for induction of labor, which is equivalent to the "birth" of a fetus once. When childbirth, the birth canal cracking will occur like a smooth delivery.

Women are "savvy" and cannot avoid the doctor’s "fire eyes and golden eyes", so do not conceal the history of abortion for their own health.

According to the global contraceptive report released by "Liu Ye Dao", the penetration rate of contraception and modern contraceptive methods in my country reached 79.2%and 78.4%.However, the article also pointed out a severe status quo. The contraceptive needs of women aged 15-24 are not met. Nearly half of pregnancy is "outside the plan".

Professor Cheng Linan reminds that "scientific contraception and staying away from people are a healthy lifestyle", so how to do a good job of contraception?Contraceptive

Taking contraceptives afterwards is an effective "repentant". It is convenient to use and does not affect pregnancy after stopping the drug.However, the side effects of contraceptives are large and may disrupt the menstrual cycle, so it should not be used repeatedly.Condom

Economy, simple, and no side effects, some condoms have lubricants, which can also help.However, when buying, you need to pay attention to the date and model. Wearing too tight or too loose condoms may affect erection, rupture, and contraceptive effects.

The flow of people is not a person’s fault. Women should know correctly, look at the problem, rather than ashamed of opening their teeth, looking at themselves, and letting themselves fall.At the same time, it is also called on women to do a good job of contraception in order to protect themselves and protect future families.

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