Children have loved crying since childhood, maybe because my mother often does this

Xiao Shizi has loved crying since birth, and he can cry for two hours at the time of his cricket.After going to kindergarten, even the teacher said that the little stone was too delicate, and he started to rain with a little heavier.

The old man said that the girl just loved crying, but the little stone’s sister did not like to cry at all, and the female classmates around the little stone did not like to cry like her!

When others are tired of Xiao Shizi who loves to cry, only her mother feels guilty, because her mother feels that the little stone loves to cry and her love to cry during pregnancy is inseparable.

When Shi Zimai was Huai Xiaoyi, he once returned because her husband bought a Mahjong table and cried and ran away from home. The reason was why he was about to give birth to a Mahjong table.I confinement; I also kept tears because of watching the movie "Dear" and "Lost Lost"; not to mention the trivial things in the family can make her cry.Therefore, the child also loves to cry after birth.

In order to verify her inference, Shi Zima worked hard to make herself happy, no matter how big the two treasures happened, and specifically looking for funny variety shows as meals.Don’t say, even after the birth of Erbao, even if his head bleeds, he just cried for a few minutes, and he was particularly coquettish.

How much does the behavior and emotions during pregnancy affect the fetus?It may be bigger than you think!

1. Dietary

Many mothers feel that they can’t afford the fetus, but they are not feeding their children directly.In fact, no matter what you eat, the food will be absorbed by the fetus after the food is in the stomach.

A friend of my face was full of freckles, but her sister’s skin was particularly good. Their mother said that because she ate spicy food every day because she was Huai Dabao, she ate fruit every day when she was Huai Erbao.For this reason, when I was pregnant with Dabao, I absolutely taboo, drink 1L of milk every day, various fruits, soup, Dabao’s skin is white and tender, and I especially love to drink milk.What you want to eat, Erbao’s skin is obviously not as good as his sister, and he does not love milk in ten minutes.

Therefore, when the child is in the mother’s belly, everything that the mother eats affects the child’s appearance.

Second, mood

In addition to paying attention to diet, you must pay more attention to your mood.Because if the pregnant mother is in a unhappy mood and crying sadly, the child’s personality will be polar.How about the saying "mother and child’s heart"?Otherwise, it is stimulated during pregnancy, it is easy to produce premature or difficult to give birth. These are largely stimulated by mood!

A friend often watched the Romance of the Three Kingdoms when pregnant. This child was particularly serious. There was a fierce man hiding inside; some friends loved to listen to Guo Degang during pregnancy, and the child was born with joy.It cannot be said that there are 100 % causal relationships, but at least there will be some influencing factors.

Therefore, if you are in pregnancy, you must pay more attention from your diet and mood. If you want your child to become beautiful, strong, and optimistic in the future, you must be strong and optimistic as a mother!


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