Chenyi helps 丨 Chengdu women have been ruptured by her husband many times?Father -in -law: It’s a family affairs, the son was being closed by the detention center

A photo lying on the bed, a long vertical suture injury on the stomach, and various tube inserted on her body. Ms. Xie in Chengdu said that this was what she looked like after the rescue.

On June 25th, Ms. Xie reported to Xiaoxiang Morning News from the headline Changsha Channel today that she was reported to reporters that at the age of 29, she was repeatedly violent by her second marriage husband during her marriage, and even during her pregnancy.On April 24 this year, she submitted a divorce application to the court, and her husband He Mou once again implemented her domestic violence."The doctor said that it would not be able to save it to the hospital for another 20 minutes later, and the harm caused by the life could not be cured."

On June 25, a staff member of the Women’s Federation of Wuhou District, Chengdu told reporters that they had learned about Ms. Xie’s situation and rushed to the hospital as soon as possible after the incident. At present, Ms. Xie has returned to her hometown for treatment.Go to visit Ms. Xie’s child and send her video photos.At present, the public security organs are investigating this matter and obtaining evidence, and the Women’s Federation will pay attention to it at any time.

"My son was closed into the detention center 2 months ago. The daughter -in -law pulled all of our contact information. We couldn’t contact her, and I didn’t know the situation." Ms. Xie’s father -in -law told Chen Yi to help reporters that at present he has already comeGo to Chengdu to help the two bring their children. This is a matter between the two young people, letting them deal with themselves.As for what disputes, he believes "this is a family business."

He acknowledged that his son did have a family violently this time Ms. Xie."This is the first family violence. He hasn’t done it before."

Women’s complaint: Husbands have been encountered many times during the marriage

Ms. Xie told Chen Yi to help reporters that her husband He was born in 1988. He was divorced and had a marriage and had a child.The two met through the Internet and received a marriage certificate on May 20, 2021. She discovered her pregnancy in July of the same year.

"In the fifth week of my pregnancy, because of his ex -wife, he for the first time he implemented a domestic violence." Ms. Xie said, "He was holding my neck, fanning my face, and later dragged me out.A takeaway brother helped me report to the police and sent me to the hospital. "

Because He apologized and wrote a guarantee, this time, Ms. Xie chose to forgive.

"However, when I was 7 months pregnant, he once again implemented a domestic violence because of his ex -wife. After I called the police, the police gave him a warning."The husband divorced, but the other party did not agree."In addition to breastfeeding during pregnancy, and the obstruction of He Mou, I have never been able to divorce, and even every time I propose a divorce, I will encounter varying degrees of violence and threats."

Ms. Xie told reporters that in order to get rid of her husband, she had left home. She asked the Women’s Federation, the streets, and called the police, and even applied to the court for a personal safety protection order.

On April 24 this year, Ms. Xie submitted materials to the court and sued for divorce."On the same day, He found me, dragged me to the hotel, and looked at my mobile phone to confirm that I really applied for a personal safety protection order. After suing the divorce, I punch and kick me.It’s the sound. "

Ms. Xie told Chen Yi to help reporters that the people on the aisle reported that she called her "life -saving" and called the police. After that, He sent her to the hospital."When I was taken to the hospital, it was already 11:30 am on April 25th. The doctor had issued a number of illness notice for multiple illnesses, saying that it would not be more than 20 minutes later, and I couldn’t save it anymore."

A certificate of discharge of hospitalization patients at Ms. Xie’s modern hospital provided by Ms. Xie showed that on May 1st of the admission date, patients were admitted to the hospital for "6 days of pain and discomfort for 6 days" due to "injury to others".After the left liver is widely frustrated with wounds with bleeding and repairs, the duodenal intestinal injury is accompanied by rupture and repairs;wait.

"During our time together, he had a dozen times for the domestic violence that I implemented, and there were 5 times of the alarm. This time, the most serious." Ms. Xie said that in order to save expenses, she had returned to her hometown Sichuan Pakistana, Sichuan PakistanaHospitals in Zhongpingyi County recuperated."I can only eat liquid food now, do artificial anus, and have bags hanging on my body. The doctor said that even if I received the second operation next year, I recovered well.","

Father -in -law response: For the first family violence, the son has been closed into the detention center

On June 25, Chen Yi helped reporters to contact Ms. Xie’s father -in -law. He said that this is the contradiction between Ms. Xie and her son, and a matter between two young people.As for the contradiction between the two, he said that it was a family affairs and should be handled by them.As parents, I don’t know the specific situation."My son was closed into the detention center 2 months ago, and we don’t know the situation. The daughter -in -law has left Chengdu. She has deleted all the contact information of us and relatives.Situation. I have been in my hometown before. After the incident, I came to Chengdu from my hometown to help them bring their children. Their children are now only 1 year and 2 months old. "

Ms. Xie’s father -in -law acknowledged that her son did violently at home.But he denied that his son had many domestic violence."He did not have the habit of doing it in the last marriage and this marriage. This is the first time to beat people."

On June 25, Chenyi helped reporters to contact a staff member of the Women’s Federation of Wuhou District. She said that after the incident, the Women’s Federation of Wuhou District paid attention to the situation of Ms. Xie, went to visit Ms. Xie, and conducted it.Care about care.Because Ms. Xie had left Chengdu and returned to her hometown for recuperation, the staff filmed the video of Ms. Xie’s daughter, followed up and understood the care of the care, and told Ms. Xie in time.At present, it is learned that Ms. Xie has contacted the lawyer to carry out power. After that, Ms. Xie needs it, and the Women’s Federation will also help."At present, the public security organs are investigating the case and obtaining evidence, and the Women’s Federation will follow up at any time."

On June 25, Chenyi helped reporters to contact a staff member of the Jinyang Police Station of the Wuhou Public Security Bureau. The other party said that the specific case was inconvenient to disclose.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhou Lingbao, an intern Zhang Jiayi

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