Chen Mengzhan was pregnant and was pregnant, and his coat brother was happy to send 888,000, Chen Yanan’s live broadcast of crying and regrets

On September 25th, the daughter -in -law Chen Meng’s daughter -in -law, Chen Meng, exposed a B -ultrasound check on the online account. From the report form, we can clearly see that Chen Meng has been pregnant for more than 40 days, and it is double.The two germs of the pregnancy sac, which means that Chen Meng is not only pregnant, but also the twins, Chen Meng’s happiness text: Finally, you will announce your existence

Once this news was exposed, it instantly caused heated discussion among netizens. Netizens also left a message to congratulate Brother Yiyi as Grandpa, and also wished Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei who must be happy, live a real life, and netizens said in a ridiculous tone:Zhu Xiaowei, you really do it, because since Chen Yanan publicly stated that Zhu Xiaowei could not work, Zhu Xiaowei has been carrying a fame, and now he has finally greened.

I think Chen Meng’s generous public exposure of B -ultrasound is also for the face of someone’s face. After all, you can’t work with Zhu Xiaowei.

Although Chen Meng has not held a wedding so far, the identity of the new daughter -in -law is already on the board. This time, and Chen Mengguan Xuan’s pregnancy is pregnant, that is, the ten -nine stability, it has become a foregone conclusion.Also exposed on the social platform, a close kiss with Chen Meng, Chen Meng, in the photo, the two fingers in the photo closely linked to the affectionate kiss romantic and warm.

Everyone is in a happy spirit. Since Chen Mengguan’s pregnancy, the coat brother has not been idle during this time. First, he sorted out his yard and hung up a big red lantern in advance.It feels, it is reported that this time Chen Meng was pregnant, the coat brother was very happy to buy a house and buy a car, but even made the main preparation to reward Chen Meng’s 888,800 cash.

I have to say that the brother’s family’s married daughter -in -law is very suitable for Zhu Xiaowei this time. She is younger than Zhu Xiaowei. She has a serious job, and has not participated so far.There is no ambition

What’s even more rare is that after Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Meng were together, they became confident and sunny. They dared to kiss the hands and dare to express their true thoughts. Zhu Xiaowei was completely raised.Netizens remembered Zhu Xiaowei’s ex -wife Chen Yanan. I don’t know what would she feel like she would do after learning about Chen Menghuai’s twins?

In the latest live broadcast of Chen Yanan, the news of Chen Yanan has been brushing the news of Chen Meng’s pregnancy. After seeing the news, Chen Yanan is said to be a live broadcast room on the spot.Looks like, and see the cash cash prepared by the coat brother for Chen Meng, it seems to be stimulated. I regret that there are too many hearts to give Zhu Xiaowei a good life. Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in the world.

This time, Chen Meng was pregnant first. I think the wedding of the two should also be on the agenda. This time, my brother is finally going to realize the desire of holding his grandson. Congratulations

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