Chen Kailin’s Christmas all the family portraits, the third child’s pregnant belly kiss Zheng Jiaying, the old husband and wife are super love

On December 25, Chen Kailin took a family of five in the same frame to celebrate Christmas. She said that every year’s Christmas family portrait wants to share with you, and then share the joy of having three babies. She said that the family has changed this year.The fifth member is about to usher in happiness.

The younger brother is dressed like a bear, with big eyes and double eyelids, and his hands are full of cuteness at the mouth.

My brother was very attractive like a Christmas tree, and his facial features were very elegant, like a little girl.Zheng Jiaying and his wife were wearing a black, not to grab the limelight with the two children. The two smiled and were very good at raising.

Chen Kailin held her third child’s pregnant belly, giving her husband’s neck and sending incense kisses, and Zheng Jiaying enjoyed her face.Presumably, the two did not kiss and show affection in front of their sons in front of their sons.

Zheng Jiaying is 52 years old this year, and Chen Kailin is only 32 years old, and it is almost two rounds. However, Zheng Jiaying insists on fitness and cares about younger care, so he can’t see that he is old and young.

Zheng Jiaying once played the corner of the eighth in "Step by Step". The netizens said that the eighth grandfather was really powerful. After a few years of marriage, the family was very good.

Recently, Zheng Jiaying has taken a video related to "Eight Ye". He took the poster of his role at the time to recall the past. The eldest son suddenly ran over and grabbed his father’s poster.Later, criticizing this child was very non -education and polite.

But everyone can see that this is being patted. Rafa just does things according to the instructions of the adults. Next time Zheng Jiaying still should not be so pitted.

However, Zheng Jiaying said that the personality of the eldest son is really difficult to do, but he will not become a strict father. The childcare method of being scolded has long been out of date.temper.

In fact, sometimes children’s naughty is often a symbol of cleverness. From a different angle to see the problem, they will feel a lot of relief.

Compared to the active eldest son, the younger son looks extraordinarily quiet. Zheng Jiaying said that his brother and mother got along well.

At the end of November, Zheng Jiaying and Chen Kailin officially announced the news of the third child. In five years, the speed of people was ranked among the top three among the stars in the entertainment industry.

Zheng Jiaying gently stroked his wife’s pregnant belly, and the two sons looked at each other.

Zheng Jiaying once said that the eldest son would bully his brother and was unwilling to share it. In fact, he should not have too much demand for the child. After all, Rafa is only 3 years old, and he is still a baby.Understand, I have been my brother twice. Parents need to give him time to grow while studying.

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