Chen Kailin Xuan Shengzi, who saw her child, saw her really pregnant, Zheng Jiaying kissed her son at her mouth

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After Chen Kailin was married to Zheng Jiaying, who was many years old, he gave birth to two sons after his marriage. Everyone thought that the third child would be a daughter, but Chen Kailin was a son, but his son was still his son, but the two brothers loved them very much.Brother, also welcomes the arrival of my brother, and will take care of my brother in person.

Chen Kailin’s details see that they are really pregnant. The female star feels like playing, and she has not seen a big belly. However, Chen Kailin is not. Although she has given birth to her son after confinement, her belly is still very large.Recovery also shows that she is really pregnant and has a child, and she is as thin as Chen Kailin, and she does not disappear without so fast. This mother has experienced experience, and it takes some time to recover from the belly.

Although Chen Kailin is a rich family, she is not coquettish at all, and she has a good relationship with Zheng Jiaying after falling in love with Zheng Jiaying. Zheng Jiaying is more famous than Chen Kailin, but his value and property are not as good as his wife Chen Kailin.

At the beginning, everyone was not optimistic about the old and young love, and thought that the marriage could not last for too long, but Zheng Jiaying basically retired after marriage and did not make a show. She accompanied his wife and son with all his heart. The relationship was very stable.I want to love my son, but this approach is not advisable. Children are too young, and now they are more sensitive. It is really not suitable for this way of expressing feelings to kissing the mouth.

And the children are still so young, Chen Kailin puts his son more formal clothes. It looks very loose and large. The children’s facial features have not really opened. It feels like a little monkey.Shooting, exaggerated expression, the son was a little surprised, but had to say that the face value was really high, and such a small child’s eyes were so big.

And you can also see the three -dimensional sense of the facial features, as well as the side face. Chen Kailin has given birth to a third child. I do n’t know if she will chase her daughter, but after giving birth to the child, Chen Kailin should pay attention to personal health.

The son’s hair is still wet, watching her mother dumbly, the scene of the mother and the child is warm, and Chen Kailin is also very easy to have a child.I like children, and naturally hope to have a few more.

In the end, the mother and son took a front photo, and the face value of the third child’s son would not be bad. Chen Kailin was a very optimistic and cheerful girl. He also gave a good example for girls who did not have a child.Children can also be very happy. The premise is to find a man willing to give birth to a child.

And the two brothers are also very high, both of which are three -dimensional handsome guys.

Now that there are three children, the marriage between Chen Kailin and Zheng Jiaying is also basically stable. In fact, in the entertainment industry, they do not often show affection after marriage, and they will be very happy to reduce the workload.

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