Chen Haomin’s wife had a 5 -year -old 4 -year -old 4 baby, and Jiang Lisha admits: My caesarean section actually does not hurt at all


Chen Haomin and Jiang Lisha can be described as the old husband and wife in the entertainment industry. Since the two have been married in 2011, they have had 4 children in 5 years, and each is a cesarean section, which surprised many people.

We know that after a female cesarean section, doctors generally recommend to return to one and a half years, and then get pregnant again.Therefore, for Jiang Lisha’s frequent cesarean section 4 times in 5 years, it is equivalent to more than a year, and a child is still very high.For 5 years and 4 dissection, there have been many online controversy.

Some netizens said:

This is really not serious about your body. What should I do if I get old?

Some netizens said:

People can afford money, and they are free to give birth to a few.

Jiang Lisha herself also responded to this problem. She once said in the interview: "I believe my doctor, because my doctor is really a holy hand, and he is very good. If I tell you, my cesarean section does not hurt at all.Yes, you don’t believe it ""

Jiang Lisha, who is 167 cm tall, is tall. She used to be a model before. In 2003, she also won the third runner -up of the Hunan "New Silk Road Model Contest".But in fact, Jiang Lisha’s physical fitness is still good. She has played basketball since the beginning of the first year. She insisted on it for 6 years. At high school, she also got the title of national first athlete.

Therefore, Jiang Lisha’s physical fitness is better than ordinary people. Perhaps this is exactly the confidence of her five years of absence.

Jiang Lisha herself also talked about the question of confinement. She said that women abroad did not take confinement and did not need it.

I also think that she is her freedom. If she likes children, the family conditions are very good, and they can bear the economic pressure of raising children.Outsiders have nothing to comment.

But she said that the cesarean section does not hurt, and I personally don’t believe it!When I gave birth to a child, a treasure mother in the ward happened to have a caesarean section. I clearly remembered that after the first day, the hemp medicine passed, and the Bao mother cried directly.

I think that even if a person is better, there is no matter how rich the family is. In the face of pain and life and death, everyone is equal. Jiang Lisha is not the body of King Kong.Essence

However, some netizens appeared to say that they did not have too much pain, that is, it hurts when she presses her stomach after a caesarean section.Maybe everyone’s sensitivity to pain is not the same.

Many netizens are criticizing that Jiang Lisha is regarded as a "child -born machine" by Chen Haomin. He feels that 5 years of birth and 4 babies are too unhappy.I don’t think so. I think that as long as the children have two couples reached an agreement, they like children.The key is Jiang Lisha’s own willingness, and no one forced her.It can be seen that she still likes children very much.

In fact, I think this thing can be seen from another perspective, and the child is very happy after being old.After you see Jiang Lisha old, there are 4 cute children to accompany and filial her to her. How happy is this?

Perhaps there may be a child to take care of the child now, but when you think of the four children in the future, it is estimated that the hard work will become sweet.

【Kind tips】

After all, there are a few people like Jiang Lisha’s 5 years and 4 years, which is inseparable from her own physique.We know that if the risk of pregnancy in a short period of time is not small after a short period of time, it is best to follow the doctor’s advice after a cesarean section, at least one and a half years.If time allows, it is best to separate 2 to 3 years.This is the least harmful to the mother.

【Topic today】

When you produce, do you produce or cesarean section?Does the cesarean section really hurt?Jiang Lisha said that there is no pain in the oral section. What do you think of this?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~ (The picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting)

You are welcome to express your different opinions in the comment area ~ (I am a fighting, the mother of a 2 -year -old boy, likes to study, is keen on children’s psychological research, and grows with your baby on the road of parenting. Welcome to pay attention to me)

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