Check the weak positive of rubella virus?Don’t worry, it is recommended to return to the clinic again

In real life, some people are at a loss when they see weak positives during a healthy inspection.For example, when you see that "rubella virus weak positive" is simply showing weak positive, you will feel that your body is wrong.However, for the sake of insurance, it is best to check again to determine whether you are positive or weak.

1. negative positive

When you go to the hospital to check your body, there are many items inspected in the hospital, and positive, negative, and false diagnosis will appear.The health medical examination report generally has a summary of negative, positive, false and weak positive.Negative means that the body is not likely to be sick, and positive means that the body has been diagnosed with illness.However, the meaning of false positive and weakness means that there is the possibility of confirming the results of the test, but it is not yet fully determined, and the clinic needs to be determined to determine the final result.Therefore, the weak positive of rubella virus needs to be resumed.

2. rubella virus

Robella is an urgent infection caused by aircraft virus through air, and there are many cases of diseases in spring.The antigenic structure of rubella virus is stable.Moreover, vertical infection. If pregnant women are accidentally infected with rubella virus in the early stages of pregnancy, they will cause abortion or dead tires, and may also cause fetal malformations.

After entering the body, the rubella virus is easy to survive, and the impact and damage to the body are relatively large.However, the diarrhea virus is weak in vitro and is not heat -resistant.But it is very contagious and is easier to be under 5 years old.But about 6 months of babies rarely get sick because the child also has antibodies from the mother, with resistance.

3. Infection of rubella virus

In spring and summer, rubella virus is easy to erupt, and it will spread in the air with people’s cough and sneezing.The weak resistance is relatively easy to be infected, and the incubation period will erupt.After being infected with the rubella virus, the body will first feel uncomfortable and fever. The lymph nodes behind the ears and the pillow will begin to swell. There are light red fine pimples and rapidly expand to the whole body, but it can heal naturally for 2 to 3 days.

4. How to treat rubella virus?

Because the symptoms after the infection of the rubella virus are similar to the cold and urticaria, it does not particularly attract people’s attention.The rubella virus has no special effects so far. After infection, you need to pay attention to rest. Take warm and detoxify Chinese medicine and eat light liquid food.Therefore, the weak positive of rubella virus means that the body can suffer from rubella virus, but it cannot be determined for the time being. It needs to be checked again to confirm whether the rubella virus is carried.If you carry a rubella virus, you don’t need to worry too much, follow the doctor’s doctor’s advice to pay more attention to rest.

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