Cervical severe inflammation may affect pregnancy, be sure to pay attention

Cervical is a channel for the communication between the uterus and the outside world. Once the cervix occurs, it will affect the function of the uterus. Therefore, once the cervical inflammation is found, you must seek medical treatment in time., And even leading to the disease of the uterus.

If the cervical severe inflammation occurs, let’s see what should be dealt with?

1. How can cervical severe inflammation cause

1. The flow of people is now the method of choosing by many women for accidental pregnancy. If the number of people flow is too large, it will cause cervical damage and make bacteria easily invade the occurrence of cervical inflammation.

2. Cleaning private parts is the most common. Women maintain a habit of healthy body, but the cleaning of private parts should be moderate. Once excessive, it will cause damage to the vaginal ecological environment and cause the germs to reproduce.Excessive reproduction of bacteria invades cervix and causes cervical inflammation.

3. The inflammation of the cervix from mild development to severe. Mild cervical inflammation can easily cause women to ignore the treatment without systemic treatment and cause severe diseases.

Second, cervical severe inflammatory diet taboos

1. Stimulating food, tobacco and alcohol, etc., will increase the body’s dampness and heat, and accelerate the development of the disease.

2. Cervical inflammation should be avoided, because these foods are not conducive to the fading of inflammation.

3. Too sweet and greasy foods cannot be eaten. These foods are not good for the recovery of the disease.

Third, cervical severe inflammation prevention measures

1. Pay attention to sexual life, especially for women who have not fully developed cervical epithelium. At this time, sexual life can easily cause cells to fall off.The cleanliness life can cause the breeding of various bacteria and invading the cervix to cause inflammation.

2. Women should pay attention to the moderate cleaning of the genitals, and once women have miscarriage or childbirth, they should avoid sexual life in a certain period of time to avoid infection.

In general, if the cervix is found to have inflammation, you should seek medical treatment in time not to delay, so as not to cause the function of the uterus after the severe inflammation of the cervical, and even cause the uterus lesions. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the channels for the maintenance of the uterus to prevent bacteria invasion.

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