CCTV got off Cai Xukun, "Escape shame but useful"?The situation has changed!

Ji Mu News Reviewer Shi Ping

On July 2nd, some netizens found that Cai Xukun’s related videos of singer Cai Xukun were discovered.Subsequently, the Red Star journalist searched Cai Xukun on the COSCO and the central video Weibo, and there were no relevant results.Entering Cai Xukun on CCTV also showed: Sorry, no related video results of "Cai Xukun" were found.Search Cai Xukun in the CCTV News APP. You can also search for related content at 20:21, but at 20:28, you can’t search for information related to Cai Xukun.(According to the Red Star News on July 2)

Searching for Cai Xukun on the central video app and the central video Weibo, there are no relevant results (picture source: web page screenshot)

A few days ago, singer Cai Xukun was revealed that one -night stand with a woman caused her pregnancy and let them get a fetus, which aroused the attention of netizens.Cai Xukun has never responded to this news.

There is a saying on the Internet saying "escape shame but useful."For celebrities, I did n’t see the negative public opinion. As ostrich buried their heads into the sand, everyone paid attention to it, and then showed up again. The performance of the performance should make money.

But now, the situation has changed.

Cai Xukun (source: personal Weibo)

On June 30th, the official show of the variety show "Run" said that due to the arrangement and adjustment, the show of the night will be postponed. In the preview of the program on June 23, Cai Xukun participated in the recording; on July 1,The Beijing Advertising Association Star Expansion Specification Commission issued a risk reminder about the fermentation of the male singer Cai Moumou’s public opinion in Mainland Chinese; on July 2, Cai Xukun’s videos were removed from Cai Xukun.

Do the parties one after another, does it mean that Cai Xukun is really a problem?That’s not necessarily.However, these behaviors show that they are not only passing the "zero tolerance" attitude that has problems with celebrity private morals, but also a "risk aversion" behavior to avoid hurting themselves.

I have to say that according to the news, the problems involved in Cai Xukun are not limited to violating the social order and customs with women. It is rumored that his mother also asked private detectives to follow the investigation to investigate the woman.

On June 30, "Run" official Wei said that the show was postponed that night.It is reported that in the preview of the program on June 23, Cai Xukun participated in the recording (source: source: Weibo screenshot)

In the face of public opinion, many fans have left a message under their studio account to "come out to rumors", and public opinion has also called on Cai Xukun to stand up and respond.However, after so long, the party is still a terrible silence.

If there are artificial rumors, Cai Xukun can adopt legal means to safeguard their rights and interests; if the rumors are true, the eldest husband dares to do it, and be brave to take responsibility is the only way out.How can this be available?

There are more discussions about celebrity private morals.Some people say that celebrities are also people, and poor morals should be tolerant.This statement can’t stand.

First of all, integrity is the basic principle of being a person, and it is also the mainstream values of society.As a star, we must first take the lead in compliance with laws and regulations and abide by the public order and customs.Secondly, we have to see that some traffic stars make money by "face value" and "innocent".In other words, "innocence" is the ultimate weapon for their maintenance and fans, and it is a magic weapon for making money.

Traffic stars, traffic is a double -edged sword.No matter who it is, it is of course freedom to create "face value" and "innocent", but it is necessary to know and do one.Afraid of being chaotic in his private life, he also needs to pass the "innocence".What is the difference between deceiving the public?

Of course, Cai Xukun’s videos of Cai Xukun may not be able to determine that Cai Xukun must have a problem.But not facing public opinion itself, isn’t it a problem?

It can be speculated that under the pressure of public opinion, dozens of commercial brands endorsed by their endorsements may not sit still, and should pay close attention to the progress of the incident.

The situation has really changed. Now it is "shameful and useless."

(Source: Polar News)

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