Causes and preventive and control measures for pregnant sow vomiting

1. The type, cause and symptoms of pregnant sows vomiting

溃, gastric ulcerative vomiting

1. Symptoms

Pregnant sows have more gastric ulcerous vomiting, especially for the most pregnant sow and elderly pregnant sows.When vomiting,

The spirit, appetite, and body temperature are normal, that is, vomiting after eating, vomiting, and eating the spit out.Gastric mucosa, severe light red gastric juice, carefully smells a bit sour.

2. The reason

⑴ ,. Feed nutritional uneven

When feed unevenness leads to poor resistance to the group, this situation can also cause gastric ulcers.

⑵, some starch viscosity is large

Some starch can cause gastric ulcers due to its large viscosity.

(3) Improper use of grains/water water

量 量, excessive medication

Excessive taking drugs cause damage to the stimulation of pig gastric mucosa, causing permanent damage to the gastric mucosa, and then gastric ulcer, gastric perforation, and even gastric rupture.

性, certain infectious diseases

Some infectious diseases can cause gastric mucosa congestion, cause gastric mucosa to fall off, and gastric ulcers, such as pork blue ear disease and swine fever.

性 菌 霉 mold vomiting

1. Symptoms

There are fewer sows with mold vomiting in pregnant sows, mainly small and medium -sized pig farms. Usually do not pay attention to the storage of feed or add fuel to the feed, leading to pregnant sow mold vomiting. Such vomiting is generally pregnant.The sows are normal and appetite, but pregnant sows generally have black tear spots, and even some pregnant sow cornea becomes red, and after vomiting, vomit is feed and gastric juice.

2. The reason

⑴ Imsequent storage of grain feed is contaminated by mold, which can cause increased unsaturated fatty acids in the feed and cause gastric ulcer.

料, due to the pollution of fungal pollution of the feed raw materials or the strictness of the feed, the accumulation of vomiting toxins in the mold toxin causes the sow to vomit.

﹙Parasitic vomiting

1. Symptoms

There are more vomiting such vomiting in pregnant sows. This type of vomiting is mainly the elderly pregnant sow. Some small pig farms are reluctant to eliminate, especially if you do not pay attention to deworming., But the appetite is poor, mainly because some digestive tract parasites cause sows to vomit, and they also vomit and eat it. There are feed and pale yellow liquid, which is severely spit out.

2. The reason

The gastric width, round nematode, and Toxoplasma worm in the pregnant sow can cause vomiting.

2. Prevention and control measures for pregnant sows vomiting

孕 除 除 除 除 ﹙﹙The vomiting of pregnant sows

1. Strengthen breeding management to ensure the balance of dietary diets of pregnancy

⑴ Select feed suitable for sows in this field to ensure nutritional standards in the feed

⑵, due to the greater nutritional consumption required for pregnant sows, it is recommended to add pregnancy to the feed to ensure the normal consumption of the pregnant sow.

(3) Pay attention to the storage of the feed to prevent mildew of the feed and add mold to the feed.

2. Pay attention to the health care of sows and sows to ensure that the sow is healthy and smooth.

⑴ Purify the pathogens of sows, such as purifying sow blue ear virus, red blood cell body and parasitic insects, etc., eliminating sows’ sub -health ① Sowing to add Youlexin and Bilong Fuhong in the feed before breeding and the middle of pregnancy.Xin, purify or stabilize red blood cell body and blue ear virus.

② During the pregnancy, sow adds insect extinguishing insects in the feed

, Pay attention to the environment of the column to prevent pregnancy sows from stress

① Try to improve the environment suitable for pregnant sows, ventilation, insulation, hygiene, disinfection, etc.

② The sow uses beautiful things during pregnancy and childbirth to reduce sows stress.

母 母 孕 Pregnant sowing measures when vomiting occur

1. Sending pain and relieving pain

Muscle injection 2.5%chloroate hydrochloride 4 to 5 ml (1 ~ 3 mg of weight per kilogram), or 10 ml of ampocrium injection, once a day.

2. Neutral stomach acid

Oral baking soda, or anti -acid agent, aluminum hydroxide, silicate, magnesium oxide, etc.

3. Protect the gastric mucosa

Oral nitrate, 5 to 10 grams each time, 3 times a day; or oral anticoma protein, 2 to 5 grams each time, 2 times a day.

4. Promote ulcer healing

Pig transfer factor (100 kg body weight 1 ml, severe increase in weight), adding epidemic peptides (five high spine proteins, 1 ml of 1 ml of weight per 50 kg), mixed muscle injection, once a day, 4 consecutive times.

5. Bleeding

Anti-hematoporama, 0.25 to 0.5 grams of muscle injection each time; or vitamin K, 0.03 to 0.05 grams of muscle injection each time; or amnesia blood, 2 to 4 ml of muscle injection each time, 2-3 days a day.

6. Antibacterial

Fllower, once a day, 3 times in a row; or amoxicillin, 4 to 7 mg per kilogram, 2 times a day for 3 days.


10%glucose saline injection of 500ml, add vitamin C10ml, venous injection, once a day for 3 times.

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