Caused by a baby girl long starch pregnant mother?

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Nail art is a fashion that attracts beauty lovers, and at the same time, the harm of nails is said to be one after another.Recently, a "two -month -old baby girl organ organs, doctors said that the mother’s pregnancy is reported during pregnancy" reported on the Internet.The news comes from a case of a hospital in Wuhan: a baby girl born less than two months old has scrotum. According to analysis, the reason may be that the mother of the baby girl likes to be nail during pregnancy.

Will the pregnant mother’s nails cause the baby’s reproductive deformity?The reporter interviewed Tao Ying, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmacy.

Pregnant women’s nails may cause fetal malformations

Tao Ying said that the girl’s long -term male reproductive organs, "I have seen a similar message on the Internet before, saying that a baby girl has a scrotum a few months after birth. This is not highly credible.. Because the baby’s genital malformations are usually congenital malformations. "

The cause of the baby’s genital malformations is many aspects. In addition to genetic factors and external factors, this includes chemical factors.Nails are organic chemical coatings. Pregnant mothers are dangerous to contact chemical composition when children’s sexual organs are developing.There are also air pollution and the infection of pregnant mothers themselves, which will cause adverse effects on the fetus.Chemical factors are just one of the risk factor, do not exaggerate the harm of nail art.

"I have been in clinical contact. When working in a chemical plant, pregnant women who have been exposed to chemical raw materials for a long time have repeated fetal malformations, resulting in abortion, because the mother nails are only local contact with chemical coatings.Does the amount of small dosage cause fetal malformations? "She believes that the evidence is not sufficient, and it can only be said that nails may cause fetal malformations.Therefore, reminding pregnant women Especially during the period of diversion of the fetal organs during the early pregnancy, minimize the contact of chemicals: use less or no cosmetics.Do not live in a newly renovated house, the harm of formaldehyde, and the harm of inhalation is more harmful.

Fitting abnormality is discovered by B -ultrasound pregnancy examination

Is there any way to detect abnormal genitals in the baby during pregnancy?Tao Ying told reporters that for the abnormal changes in the fetus, it is mainly detected by B -ultrasound. "B -ultrasound can see the malformations of the appearance of the genitals, but it cannot be found that it can be discovered 100 %."

At the same time, she said that many malformations of genitals have had long problems with chromosomes, which need to be discovered through prenatal diagnosis.

For those who suspect fetal genital malformations in the B -ultrasound, doctors usually recommend further examination -prenatal diagnosis, including doing higher -level B -ultrasounds, as well as amniotic fluid puncture, depending on the problem of chromosomes, and finally the problem ofConclusion.

What should I do if the baby is diagnosed with genital malformations?Tao Ying said that genital malformations are not dead deformedness, and there is no indication of medical termination of pregnancy.Doctors will inform pregnant women and family members that the malformations of the fetus and the treatment after birth are chosen by the pregnant woman by themselves, and the doctor respects their choices.

Some urogenologists warned parents that parents need to understand their gender situations before they are two years old.If the child’s external genital abnormalities are found, or the girl’s abdomen has a block, genetic testing can be performed to understand their chromosomal condition.The earlier the treatment, the better the effect. Parents must not conceal the facts for the so -called face, delay or abandon treatment, and even break the happiness of their children’s life.

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