Cases of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of pregnancy vomiting!I have a temper, I don’t vomit, please feel

Actually, pregnant, nausea and vomiting, this is normal.Mainly tolerance, no excessive intervention is required.This is something that must be experienced on the road of a mother.

However, if this vomiting is particularly severe and seriously affects the nutritional intake of patients, it is seriously unfavorable to the growth of the fetus, and it must be valued.

At hand, there is a case of treating pregnancy vomiting.It is very interesting and easy to understand. I will talk to you.

Patient, 25 years old.

She, two months of pregnancy, a good guy, she started to appetite and disgusting.At the beginning, she pondered that this matter should be tolerated.So I endured.But later, the symptoms were intensified, and even her mother -in -law felt wrong, so she forced her to go to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, first used western medicine for four days. As a result, the condition intensified. It often vomited, frequent vomiting, and could not even eat.The common people spit out bile outward.

How can you be neat?Mother’s mother and mother -in -law have discussed, so, look at traditional Chinese medicine.

So find me.In the diagnosis, the patient’s pulse was weak, the tongue was thin, and the body was weak and weak.

After learning about this, a recipe was given.See you–

This is the four gentlemen soup, plus Chenpi, Zhu Ru, Hou Pu.

Four gentlemen soup knows that the basic compatibility is ginseng, atractylodes, Poria, and licorice.Of course, on this basis, it must be added and subtracted on this basis.

How is the result?After taking a dose, the patient felt that the stomach was comfortable and nausea and vomiting.When I took the fourth dose, I suddenly felt nauseous, but I could still hold back and did not vomit.Since then, the patient’s nausea has completely disappeared, and eating and drinking water has not delayed anything.

In fact, this patient is obvious that it belongs to the deficiency of spleen and stomach.

You see, when she was a doctor, her pulse was weak, her tongue was thin, and her tongue was thin, fatigue and weakness, and I always wanted to sleep. Isn’t this a typical temper?Because of the deficiency of the temper and the stomach, the stomach is not good, the stomach is not good, the stomach qi is inverse, and the patient is nauseous and vomited.At the same time, the stomach qi does not fall, so the patient feels bloating.

What should I do at this time?You have to strengthen the spleen and qi, treat qi and stomach, and reduce the vomiting.

Let’s take a look at the method used at the time, the four gentlemen soup, add Chenpi, Zhuru, and Hou Pu.

As we all know, in the four monarchs, ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria, and licorice are mainly the problem of strengthening the spleen and qi, solving the problem of qi deficiency.Chenpi and Hou Pu, qi and stomach.Zhu Ru has the effect of lowering the anti -vomiting.Therefore, such a combination is exactly in line with the patient’s cause and pathogenesis.It can be said that this is less medicine.

In fact, when it comes to the vomiting of pregnancy in this Chinese medicine gynecology, it can basically be summarized as the category of "evil resistance".The formation of it, Chinese medicine, two major reasons, one is weak spleen and stomach, and the other is liver and stomach discord.The spleen and stomach are weak. In addition to the addition and subtraction of the four gentleness soup mentioned above, there is also the use of fragrant sand six gentleman soup.This is strictly the tailoring of the Sijun.Liver and stomach discord, commonly used orange peel bamboo soup and flavor.

Therefore, for patients with a considerable part of pregnancy, they can consider the methods of strengthening the spleen and qi, reducing inverse and stomach qi.This is conventional therapy.

Of course, it is still the case. After pregnancy, nausea is disgusting. As long as you do n’t eat anything, you vomit, and you will vomit as soon as you eat. At the same time, you will be dizzy and fatigue, which will seriously affect the physical level without excessive intervention.As a normal physiological phenomenon, we should accept it.

alright.In this matter, I will tell you so much.I hope you can get a little inspiration from it.

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