Can’t you raise dogs when you are pregnant?nonexistent!Science tells you yes

Many stray dogs are abandoned because of the various reasons in the master’s family. Many people always feel that there are pregnant women and children at home that they are not suitable for raising dogs. Because they are not hygienic and are afraid of infectious pathogenic bacteria to humans, there are so many dogs that have so many dogs.Dogs are sent to people, sold, or even abandoned, in fact, raising dogs is not so dangerous.

If there is a dog at home, the pregnant woman must first do a pre -pregnancy examination during pregnancy. After pregnancy, a test is also called TORCH, including four rubella virus, giant cell virus, bow -shaped body infection, and Kozaqi virus.Among them, giant cell virus has an environment.

Gow -shaped infection is generally transmitted through stray cats, which has a very great impact on the fetus and it is easy to cause death and abortion.Gow -shaped worms are generally infected through cats’ feces, which will not spread directly, nor will it exist in the flesh of animals.Pregnant women should avoid animal feces, and do not eat unscaptive meat.

In fact, toxoplasma is a common parasitic insect, and humans and animals will appear. At the same time, the bowworm can complete the reproductive process on cats, and dogs are only an indirect middle host.Therefore, one thing is to be clear, that is: raising pets may not be infected with toxoplasma, and not nourishing pets may still be infected with toxoplasma.

At the same time, the study of the influence of the bowworm on the fetus of the Herbinky University of Finland found that only 42 were due to primary infections through the examination of more than 16,000 pregnant women serotherapy antibodies.In the long -term follow -up research, 4 cases of congenital bow -shaped diseases occurred in a total of four cases of their children, two of which had lesions on the nervous system, and the other two had no clinical symptoms.The remaining children born with primary infections are no different in terms of growth and development and intelligence from other normal pregnant women.

Under normal circumstances, the impact of the bow -shaped worm on the fetus after three months of pregnancy, so I do not like to be infected by the hoe.If pregnant women have antibodies, they will not be infected after.

If you ca n’t raise your family, you can send your dogs to foster care in the first three months of the most dangerous, or to train. It is also a good way.

In addition to the above needs to pay attention, we should also make a full set of vaccines and examinations for the dogs, including 3 needles, 1 -pin rabies vaccine, toxoplasma, bowworm vaccine, regular body and in vitro deworming.In addition, dog foods or cooked foods are also necessary to give dogs in daily life.Can’t give dogs raw.Pregnant women should also wash their hands frequently and refuse to eat cold food.This can avoid parasitic infections.

Note: If you let your dogs stay too close during pregnancy, don’t hold your dog, let alone let it lick you. It is better to be cautious.Of course, if your dog likes to flutter, foster during pregnancy!

Eijabergroth at the University of Cuopi, the University of Cuopio, Finland, led the team to conduct special research on whether the dogs had good benefits to the children who had children in 2011 in 2011.The results found that in the family of dogs, children’s immunity and health are higher than children who do not raise dogs, not the harmful impact of children’s imagination.

After a continuous investigation of 397 families for more than a year, the team has been observed from the late pregnancy to the newborn for 12 months. The research team found a significant difference in the three indicators of newborn health:

Compared to families who do not raise dogs, newborns who have dog -raising family have less respiratory diseases, ear diseases or infections, and need to use antibiotics before the age of one.Moreover, a study at the Institute of Psychology of Harvard University in the United States shows that families with pets have many benefits to cultivating children’s responsibility.Therefore, many times the cognition of families with children cannot raise pets. As long as we can have more carefulness and patience on pets, it is enough to be safe and healthy for dogs.

In addition, the family of dog breeding is a good companion for children’s growth, which can reduce the child’s sense of loneliness and enhance the child’s lively and optimistic patience.At the same time, it can also cultivate children’s love for pets can also enhance children’s love.

You can cultivate children’s sense of responsibility and let them learn to take care of people

Assign some tasks for children to take care of the dog like taking care of his brother and sister.Because raising dogs is a long -term task, you can cultivate children’s sense of responsibility and patience.

Dogs can play with children

Dogs are basically patient with children. It will be more lively and outgoing to play with children with such children, and they can cultivate their self -confidence.

Long -term play with cats and dogs is healthier, and it is not easy to suffer from allergic diseases.

This is a research on pet allergies in cooperation between Sweden and American scientists found that the main cause of allergies is inheritance.But children who play with small animals are not easy to suffer from allergic symptoms.

Let them learn to respect life

This is very important. Children who come into contact with small animals before establishing the correct values will realize the growth process of life. This will make them understand the emotions of animals and human beings.

Dogs are always happy to interact with children. They are geniuses of the inherently atmosphere. They can make children laugh in a short time, and they will pay special attention to their actions.It won’t hurt the child. While controlling his physical movements, he will try his best to please the child’s favor.

Sometimes, even they are a child themselves.Earlier, a reply from a netizen made the training monarch very impressive. She said, "The golden retriever of my family is actually a baby, accompanied us every day, we actually treat it as a child, but it has always been there.Protect us. "

They will also sprinkle and run to you to hug. When they are in a bad mood, they will also entangle you and your child.Children sometimes comfort their dogs or embrace them. These interactions affect dogs and also affect their children, which can help them grow together.

In addition, dogs will also be very alert to children’s safety issues. If outsiders or children go out at home, they will be very alert to pay attention to children’s safety. I believe that many families who have raised dogs know. This is also this.Many families trust dogs very much.

Of course, if you want dogs to better adapt to family life, you also agree to need a lot of time to educate them, train them, and ensure their health and health problems. This requires a lot of time and patience.

Does parents decide to let their children grow with dogs?If you have given your child a good pet partner, then you have to teach your children to get along with dogs correctly and communicate with dogs. For example, when dogs eat, sleep, and hold toys, teach children not to disturb them.When awake and sleeping animals, keep a certain distance to avoid being attacked suddenly.Children’s harsh screaming, excited running, and sudden push -pull may cause the dog to defend himself due to being shocked, or dance with excitement.When a dog eats, sleeps, holds toys, do not disturb them: Some dogs may have self -defense behavior when someone comes to take these things because of food care, consciousness, and toys.However, when the dog and the little owner have established trust and feel at ease of the family environment, most of them will not threaten people’s behavior of taking food.You can also change this habit through some training, such as driving the dog away first, then take the food, and then put the food back after turning around, let it know that it will give it after taking it.When you are awake and sleeping dogs, you should keep a certain distance and give it a little time to restore the sober.Don’t let your children close the dogs that have lifted their lips, expose their teeth, raised their backs, yell or back.Don’t approach the cats with a back of the back, the back of the back, the ears, and the strange cat.Such actions indicate that they have felt threatened and may take attack.If the dog is too excited, the child should also be protected to avoid being pushed down.Don’t rush close to unfamiliar small animals.Seeing strange small animals outside, don’t let your children feel reckless. If you want to contact him, you should first consult the owner of the small animal.When strange little animals are close, stand calmly and let them smell, don’t run away panic, don’t stare at their eyes, it will be considered a challenge information.Parents should believe that your child will take good care of his friends. You have to tell your child to be calm and stable when facing small animals.

In fact, for many families, dogs are not only a pet, but also a member of this family.In addition to some trouble during pregnancy, there will be some benefits, that is, when there are pets around the pregnant woman, the allergy rate of the child after birth will be reduced by 30%.So dogs and pregnancy are really not conflicting!You can raise dogs at all. If your family really opposes your dog, take them to the hospital to listen to the doctor’s advice!

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