Can’t you go out to play when you are pregnant?Pregnant mothers can remember these 5 points!

Author: Wang Ni (the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department, the popular science author)

Many people think that when you are pregnant, you should be born at home to keep your fetus at home. Isn’t it just impossible to swim in mountains and water.

Indeed, many women and the whole family are very nervous after pregnancy, let alone travel to the mountains, even the usual exercise is limited.So, can you swim in the mountains and water when you are pregnant?

Although pregnancy requires small cautiousness in all aspects, it is actually not that when you are pregnant, it means that you have no chance to "travel". As long as you master some basic common sense and be prepared to be well prepared, pregnant mothers can also enjoy mountains and water, and moderate travel also also travels.It can benefit the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers!

The proper travel and exercise of pregnant mothers is conducive to themselves and the fetus. The most important point is that travel can reduce the tension, anxiety, relax and adjust the mood during pregnancy, and help the health of the mother’s fetus.

Of course, not all pregnant mothers can go to the mountains and water without any time.Pregnant mothers must also pick the right time and physical condition:

Especially if you have not determined that intrauterine pregnancy or fetal survival, you must not travel.

In the early pregnancy, although some people had a history of menopause, and the pregnancy test stick or blood was determined to be pregnant, if the possibility of ectopic pregnancy was not completely excluded, in this case, it would be very dangerous if abdominal pain and other situations suddenly occurred during the travel process.of.If bleeding from external pregnancy is not treated in time, severe cases may lead to death; even if the fetus is determined to be pregnant and the fetus survives, if there is a threatened abortion such as lower abdomen or vaginal bleeding, it should be suspended to travel.

Generally speaking, the relatively stable fetus in the second trimester is the right time for going out to travel, but there are severe pregnancy complications (such as hypertension during pregnancy) or internal medicine complications (such as heart disease, etc.) or obstetric complicationsPregnant mothers with complete pre -placenta, abnormal vaginal bleeding) are not recommended to travel.

Women in the late pregnancy are relatively awkward, inconvenient to move, and risk of giving birth at any time. In principle, it is not recommended to travel.However, short -distance travel, such as shopping in the park.

The physical condition during pregnancy determines that the pregnant mother should be more prepared when traveling, and strictly pay attention to some matters, so as to rest assured and happily swim in the mountains and water.

Pregnant women must pay attention to the weather, carry the necessary changing clothes, appropriately increase or decrease clothes to avoid colds.The clothes are mainly loose and breathable.Shoes are preferably loose and non -slip sports shoes.

The pregnant mothers who travel must be eaten in their pockets or baggage luggage.Pregnant women are prone to hypoglycemia. Therefore, once they feel uncomfortable, they should eat something in time to supplement their energy.It is best to choose a clean and tidy restaurant when eating. Try not to eat the roadside stalls. Do not eat cold, hard, and indigestible foods, and should not be too greasy.

Choose a cleaner hotel, bath towels, towels and other cleaning supplies, and do not use public ones.Check out whether there are bugs in the house to prevent unwell from allergies after mosquito bite.

It is best not to go to the far place. Generally, the traffic time is suitable for within five hours. The long -term boat and car can make pregnant women too tired, which is not conducive to mother and baby health.

You can choose cars, train, self -driving tour, airplane, etc.But it is best for pregnant women to drive by themselves, and mental nervousness is not good for pregnant women when driving.No matter what kind of transportation is selected, it is recommended that pregnant women do not sit for a long time. The blood of the pregnant woman is high -gel, and it may cause thrombosis after sitting for a long time.Therefore, it is best to get up for 1-2 hours.

Pregnant women should try to avoid peaks of flow of people, avoid traveling to places with too many people on holidays. This can reduce accidents such as collision, and it can also avoid the upset caused by crowded people.

Pregnant women should not travel alone, it is best to be accompanied by husbands or other family members.

The place to travel must be convenient for transportation. Before traveling, do your homework and familiar with the surrounding environment. It is mainly where the hospital is located in order to prepare from time to time.

Avoid too tired or strenuous exercise: pregnant women swim in mountains and water, the most important thing is to watch and play, taboo long -term climbing mountain climbing, making some excitement, thrilling, and severe exercise (such as bungee jumping, jumping machines, roller coasters, etc.).

Before planning to travel, it is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, and ask the doctor’s precautions for travel and the emergency response strategy when the situation occurs.

When you travel, you must pay attention to your physical condition. Once you have a strange body discomfort, you should interrupt your travel in time and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Do not support it.And pregnant women are best to bring their previous check -up materials, or store important information on mobile phones, etc. It is easy to view. Once they are uncomfortable, they can give a doctor to the greatest understanding of your situation as soon as possible.

After mastering the above, the pregnant mother can also go back for a while!

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