Can’t we raise a dog at home?Don’t make trouble, the truth is here

I have a very good female friend to raise a very cute golden retriever. Later, I occasionally saw that I saw that she could not raise a dog because she was pregnant, and she had to give her dog.If you do n’t ask for a return, just ask a good person to be good to the dog, which surprises me. At that time, I asked her why she sent the dog?She said that because she was pregnant, her husband and her felt that the bow -shaped worms on the dog would be transmitted to her, which had an impact on the fetus!

In fact, I have seen too many experiences in the circle of friends. They are all giving away dogs because of pregnancy. Most of these dogs who have been sent out are already familiar with the original owners and families.Especially after the national development of the second child policy, this phenomenon of sending dogs is more.Can I really have a dog?Don’t make trouble, the truth is here!

The main reason for people to abandon dogs after pregnancy is that they are afraid of toxoplasma infections, causing the impact on the fetus. So does the dog really infectious toxoplasma?

What we want to know is that the dog is not the ultimate host of the bowworm, but the cat is actually a cat.The infection of Toxoplasma is mainly to consume the body fluid or feces of the cat family, or to eat unscayed raw meat with bow -shaped worm eggs, so the infection of the toxoplasma is eventually intake through food.In other words, people and dogs are as innocent on the issue of infection of Toxoplasma.

However, infection of Toxoplasma, you eat it yourself!

Lan thin!mushroom!anger!

Gow -shaped insect pests are not false, but to clarify a fact for the cats and Wang Xingren. You dyed the bow -shaped worm because you eat it!born!Meat!Or half!born!Meat!For example, French people who like three -point cooked steak, the infection rate of bow -shaped worms is as high as 60%~ 70%!China is less than 10%, which is why many people have no cat but infected with toxoplasma!

The route of the infection of Toxoplasma is as follows:

1. Eat raw or half -life meat

2. Drinking unintentional dairy products

3. Eat raw, not clean vegetables

4. Pets

We just ranked fourth, understand, right?Most of your infections are "doing" yourself!

However, families with pets should still make a full set of vaccines and examinations for dogs when they are pregnant, including 3 needle routine vaccines, 1 -stitched dog vaccine, bowworm examination, bowworm vaccine, regular body and in vitro deworming.This can ensure that the dog’s health is not transmitted to pregnant women.In addition, dog foods or cooked foods are also necessary to give dogs in daily life.Can’t give dogs raw.Pregnant women should also wash their hands frequently and refuse to eat cold food.This can avoid parasitic infections.

In fact, for many families, dogs are not only a pet, but also a member of this family.In addition to some trouble during pregnancy, there will be some benefits, that is, when there are pets around the pregnant woman, the allergy rate of the child after birth will be reduced by 30%.So dogs and pregnancy are really not conflicting!You can raise dogs at all. If your family really opposes your dog, take them to the hospital to listen to the doctor’s advice!

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