Can’t the stomach be touched casually after pregnancy?Pregnant mothers of these common sense during pregnancy

When pregnant, there are too many things that pregnant mothers need to pay attention to. When they are busy, they will inevitably forget.There are some common sense, pregnant mothers must remember, remember that these can make you go through pregnancy more smoothly, and can also make your baby develop better.

First, the most appropriate weight gain during pregnancy is 20-25 catties.Many expectant mothers have no concept of weight after pregnancy. I don’t know how much weight they should increase.To calculate it simply, the fetus 7 catties+placental amniotic fluid 2 catties+uterine breasts 5 catties+pregnancy increases water and 6 pounds of blood. These are 20 pounds, just a reference figure, which is the personal condition of pregnant mothers.This is to tell the pregnant mother that I can’t make up for the pretext of pregnancy. When I eat, I have been supplemented, and finally I ate myself into a big fat man.During pregnancy, it is not good for the baby and pregnant mothers. Be sure to control your mouth to replenish nutrition reasonably.

Second, a reasonable exercise during pregnancy is conducive to the baby’s growth and development.After many mother -in -law became pregnant, they became big babies at home, and some elderly people couldn’t wait to let pregnant mothers lie on the bed for ten months.Pregnancy is not sick. Lack of exercise for a long time will reduce the physique of pregnant mothers and lower resistance. Instead, it is not good for the baby.

Third, the frequency of going to the toilet during pregnancy increases.With the increase of pregnancy time, many pregnant mothers have changed to go to the toilet, even if they drink well.In fact, this is a good development of the baby. The bladder of the pregnant mother is oppressed by the baby. In addition, the pregnant mother’s metabolism is fast, so I always want to go to the toilet.At this time, don’t hold it, because the baby’s excrement also needs the mother’s excretion, so the pregnant mother’s urination is not good for the baby.Therefore, when the pregnant mother goes out, remember to bring adult diaper to avoid the embarrassment of not finding the toilet.

Fourth, the stomach of the pregnant mother cannot be touched casually.After many pregnant mothers are pregnant, they always want to touch their stomachs and feel the baby’s existence, even when the stomach is very small.In fact, when you are pregnant, it is best not to touch your stomach frequently, which will cause uterine contraction, which is not good for your baby’s development.After the baby has a fetal movement, it must be regularly touched. Do not interact with the baby too much, so as not to be too active, causing umbilical cord around the neck.

Fifth, the pregnant mother is happy to make the baby more beautiful.Pregnant mothers and babies are mother and child. The mother’s mood baby can feel that a relaxed and happy mood can make the baby develop better.And if the expectant mother has always been in a good mood, it will secrete some kind of hormone that conducive to the growth of the baby. If the genetic is the foundation, the happy mood can add points to the baby.

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