Can’t smoke during pregnancy. Do you know that you can use your diet to help quit smoking?

Guide: Smoking for pregnant women during pregnancy can cause many complications of complications, so they should quit smoking addiction.If the expectant mother feels that quit smoking is not easy, they can also use daily diet to help, such as eating ginseng, celery, carrots, orange, ginger, etc., are good foods that can help quit smoking.

1. Foods that can help pregnant women quit smoking

1. You can eat ginseng

According to a study, food ginseng can prevent the release of neurotransmitter dopamine. This is a material that makes you feel pleasant when you smoke.After regular food ginseng, you can cut off your degree of joy received from smoking.

2. Celery cucumber

Some vegetables, such as celery, cucumber, and carrots before smoking, can produce a bitter smell, which will allow you to give up smoking addiction.So incorporating these vegetables into daily diet can reduce dependence on nicotine.

3. Vitamin C food

According to a study, smoking will make your vitamin C insufficient, which in turn makes you more eager for nicotine.So please make sure you take rich vitamin C foods such as orange, guava and berries.

4. Can drink chamomile tea

According to research, chamomile tea can not only calm your nerves, but also help reduce your desire for nicotine.In addition, it also contains high -content antioxidants, which can help you reduce the level of free radicals increased due to smoking.

5. You can eat ginger

When you try to quit smoking, you may have many symptoms of smoking quit, like nausea.Ginger can help you soothe nausea and help remove excess toxins in your body.

2. The adverse effects of smoking during pregnancy

1. Cause baby malformations

If pregnant women smoke during pregnancy, it is easy to cause baby birth deformed and birth defects, such as lip jaw cracks, brainlessness, physical development problems, etc., which is very unfavorable to the baby’s health.

2. Low birth weight

Cigarettes contain a lot of toxic substances, such as nicotine, which can cause the oxygen content of blood to become lower and affect the growth of the baby, so there will be a healthy problem of health.

3. Causes premature birth to death

Smoking during pregnancy will increase the risk of abortion, premature birth, and death.Smoking can cause less inhalation of oxygen, so it will increase the risk of pregnancy complications.In addition, the risk of sudden infant death will also increase.

4. Affect your baby’s hearing

The chemicals in cigarettes can affect the development of the baby’s nerve cells, resulting in sound waves that cannot effectively communicate to the neurons, affecting the baby’s hearing, and leading to hearing impairment.

5. The complications of pregnancy

According to research, if pregnant women smoke, the risk of pregnancy complications will also increase the risk of pregnancy complications, such as placenta peeling, bleeding, and premature birth.Even with second -hand smoke, there will be such risks.

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