Can’t see the fetal heart at 10 weeks of pregnancy. Is the fetus developing well?Do 4 o’clock in the early pregnancy and stay away from the fetus

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Many pregnant mothers feel particularly happy at the moment when they are pregnant. What a magical thing for a small life to bred in the body!But after you are happy, you will start to worry about it. After all, there are too many pregnant mothers who have a threatened abortion and fetal stop in early pregnancy. Pregnant mothers will worry that such things will come to themselves.

Xiao Cui has been pregnant for 10 weeks. I went to the hospital a few days ago to do a B -ultrasound. I haven’t seen the fetal heart. I was particularly worried that the baby was not developing well. Before the doctor said, because she was usually irregular, the fetus was smallI couldn’t see the fetal heart, and I was still nervous.Holding the examination results to ask the doctor’s doctor, the doctor suggested that she come to check for a week after a week.

Generally speaking, after discovering menstruation, women can do urine testing or blood testing HCG values to determine pregnancy. You can do B-ultrasound to see the pregnancy sac at about 40 days of pregnancy. You can see obviously at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy.Fetal heart and fetal buds.

However, during the 10 weeks of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers still cannot see the fetal heart and fetal buds.

If the pregnant mother has been pregnant for 10 weeks and can not see the fetal heart, there may be two situations:

1. Tire stopping

Under normal circumstances, the original heart tube fighting and fetal buds can be seen around 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, but if it has not appeared for more than 10 weeks, the fetal heart is likely to be "fetal stopping".

At this time, you can do a B -ultrasound, and the doctor will also take B -ultrasound as the main diagnostic basis. If you check for two consecutive weeks, no pregnancy sac is found, and the size is inconsistent with the number of pregnancy weeks.Education.

2. The actual number of pregnancy weeks is small

Of course, this situation should not be completely "tire stop", or it may be the small number of actual fetal pregnancy weeks, and it has not reached the time of fetal heart.

If pregnant mothers usually irregular menstruation, this may be the case. According to the last menstrual period, the number of pregnancy days will be inaccurate. Coupled with the difference in the time of fertilized eggs, the fetal heart and fetal buds may occur after 10 weeks.

Suggestion of Beijing Mom:

Therefore, if the pregnant mother encounters this situation, don’t give up easily. You can observe it for two weeks. If you still do not see the fetal heart and fetal buds, or the development is less than the number of pregnancy weeks, it is determined that it is a fetal stop.

If you are sure to stop the fetus, you need to remove the embryo through surgery, and the pregnant mother should not blindly protect the fetus. You must obey the doctor’s advice and surgery in time to avoid affecting your health.

There are no clear reasons for fetal stopping, but it may be related to the following factors.

1. Environmental impact

If the environmental temperature is too cold or humid, it will affect the development of the fetus in the body. In addition, air pollution, noise pollution, chemical pollution, etc. These will also affect the development of the fetus.

For pregnant couples, we must choose a comfortable living environment, while avoiding noise, air pollution, away from radiation, etc., especially after pregnancy.

2. Personal factors

Some fetal stops are also related to the physical fitness of pregnant mothers. For example, some pregnant mothers are weak, and some pregnant mothers have family hereditary diseases. At this time, pay special attention to the development of the fetus.

Especially for pregnant mothers who have occurred many times in a row, they must consider genetic factors and can be used for embryonic testing. In addition, it is also recommended to go to regular medical institutions to test with her husband.

3. Ignoring pre -pregnancy examination

When preparing for pregnancy, it is very necessary to do pre -pregnancy examination, which can help prepare for pregnant couples to understand their health. If there are factors that are not conducive to pregnancy, they can also be corrected and treated early, which is more conducive to eugenics.

It is not easy to bred life. Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy, if you want to avoid fetal stop, you need to pay special attention to the following points. Pregnant mothers cannot care.

1. Early pregnancy performance is very much like "cold", don’t take "cold medicine" blindly.

After pregnancy, under the influence of rising hormone levels, pregnant mothers often have discomfort, drowsiness, frequent urination, etc., and even like a cold.Use the pregnancy test paper to test it yourself to see if it is pregnant.

If you are pregnant, you must pay attention to rest, avoid heavy physical work, avoid the same room, and relax at the same time.

2. Check the doctor’s advice and do not blindly "get the seat".

After pregnancy, the subsequent examination will make people upset. In addition, if you are worried about the occurrence of fetal stops, the pregnant mother will be in a bad condition.The purpose of the purpose should not be nervous when the test results are abnormal, because the situation often varies from person to person, do not seize the number.

3. Give the fetus a healthy development environment.

After pregnancy, choose a comfortable living environment to stay away from radiation, pollution, and chemicals. In the early stages of pregnancy, there is a high incidence of fetal deforlation. If you do not pay attention, the fetus occurs due to these external environmental factors.

In addition, the clothes of pregnant mothers should also be loose to ensure sufficient sleep. Because early pregnancy is the first critical period of fetal brain development, so appropriate prenatal education can be adopted to stimulate the fetal brain development.

4. Bleeding cannot be careless.

In the early pregnancy, the fetus is not very stable. At this time, you must be alert to the occurrence of signs. If you bleed, you need to seek medical treatment immediately, find out the cause, and check the development of the fetus at the same time. Do not take it lightly to avoid life.

Mother love is great, because she has bred life. In the ten months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can communicate with experienced mothers, learn more about pregnancy, and at the same time ease the tension brought by unknown.You can rest assured a lot after spending early pregnancy.

However, if the doctor’s diagnosis occurs, the pregnant mother should not blindly protect the fetus. Actively cooperate with the doctor’s surgery and adjust the mentality and physical condition. After half a year, you can prepare another one.

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