Can’t pregnant women raise cats?Will a baby who is pregnant?

Many people say that they ca n’t raise cats after pregnancy. There are more bowworms on cats. The fetus is prone to deformity, but is this really the case?Recently, a expectant mother also encountered the same problem: cats who have been raised for several years, and recently pregnant their families will not allow them to raise them, fearing that fetal malformations.Can’t you raise a cat?Let ’s take a look at Dr. Huang, who was born of Xixi Ban.

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Can I raise cats after pregnancy?

First of all, we are not recommended to raise cats during pregnancy.The main reason is the rabies that are worried about the infection of Toxoplasma and the rabies that occur after being bitten by a cat.

Toxoplasma disease is a infectious disease caused by the parasitic of Toxoplasma.The cat family is the final settlement of the bowworm, and the cat’s feces will have insect eggs, and it can survive for up to a year.Of course, many other mammals may be the middle depository of Toxoplasma.If pregnant women are infected in the early pregnancy, they are likely to cause tires, dead tires and fetal deformities. For example, infection in the middle of pregnancy can cause dead tires, premature production or fetal brain and eye diseases.

For rabies, most of them are familiar to most of them, that is, acute viral infectious diseases caused by rabies virus infringement of human central nervous system, which is very harmful. Once the infection of expectant mothers is undoubtedly a fatal threat to the fetus.

Can’t we raise cats after pregnancy?

If you really like cats, you can’t leave it or worry about other problems, etc., you must do the following:

1) Cats must be injected with vaccines, deworming cats regularly, and often bathing for cats to maintain hygiene;

2) Do not let cats prey outside, so as not to eat infected mice or birds, or eat contaminated foods;

3) Do not feed raw food for cats. The bowls of food should be cleaned every day without putting it with other items;

4) Don’t contact the cat too closely, be careful not to be caught and bitten by the cat, you must remember to wash your hands after touching the cat;

5) Cat’s feces should be cleaned at least once a day. Specific mothers should avoid directly contacting the cat’s stool, which can clean up others at home, or wear gloves to clean up. Afterwards, wash their hands carefully.

If you can do the above points, you can still raise cats during pregnancy. There is no compulsory request to give away.

In this era of cats, you can imagine that you want you to give up a cat.Therefore, when you are preparing for pregnancy, you need to get a cat with a vaccine needle and start to pay attention to the cleaning of cats. This is both responsible for cats, responsible for themselves, but also responsible for the fetus.

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