Can’t move in pregnancy during pregnancy, and the scientific movement helps delivery

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On the afternoon of May 13th, Panyu Hexian Memorial Hospital held a large -scale yoga public welfare activity during pregnancy, giving pregnant mothers a special Mother’s Day gift.The event was led by the in -hospital delivery sports camp. The event focused on the health of pregnant women and was committed to the knowledge of the science of science from the public.

Under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher, the expectant mothers at the scene slowly stretched the body joints with soothing music festivals and experienced the joy of the scientific movement to the body.

"The scientific exercise during pregnancy can make the corresponding muscle group exercise, which can not only reduce the discomfort during pregnancy, but also help smooth delivery and accelerate postpartum recovery." Dean Zhu Bin of Panyu Hexian Memorial Hospital said that establishing a childbirth camp is not only to respond to the country to respond to the countryPromoting the call for natural delivery is to allow more pregnant mothers to move safely and scientifically.

Dean Zhu Bin

At present, the Yoga public welfare activities of hundreds of pregnant women have been successfully held for two sessions. The purpose of the activity is not only to spread the concept of more scientific pregnancy, but also to give the majority of pregnant women psychological support.

According to Luo Qiwei, the director of obstetrics, the sports camp has currently carried out the two categories of prenatal and postpartum categories, including core beds, dynamic big ball exercises, and shaping small ball exercises, which can meet the personalized needs of pregnant mothers."Pregnancy can’t be moved, and the scientific movement is indispensable. At present, our hospital has also carried out a service to correct fetal positions and other services. This is one of our performances at the forefront."

The event was praised by many pregnant mothers."It is really meaningful to be able to participate in such activities. I think it is very warm." Ms. Ou, who was 32 weeks pregnant, shared that she was impressed by the scientific sports concept of a professor of sports camps.

Panyu Hexian Memorial Hospital stated that in the future, more public welfare activities will continue to spread the concept of scientific childbirth and provide professional health guidance for more pregnant women.(For more news, please pay attention to the Yangcheng Pai

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