Can’t eat yellow?After watching it, check the gangsters at home

Poor, also called sweet wine, is a very delicious traditional snacks. From time to time, many families buy some galaxy at home, cook eggs or cook dumplings.Carefulness will find that after a period of time, the gruel turned yellow quietly.Many people will have a question, "I obviously didn’t open the lid?" "It’s all yellow, can you still eat it?" Today I will share with you the principle of giving yellowness and turning yellow.

If the time is too long, it will cause yellowing. This is because the galclacus is transformed from starch to fermented through a series of extremely complex biochemical and chemical processes under the catalytic action of various microbial enzyme systems such as molds and yeast.Sugar, then further converted into alcohol and produced organic acids.At the same time, through the decomposition of protein, fat and other substances, it produces nitrogen acid, advanced acid, lipids and other substances. During the placement of rice wine, it turns yellow in the process of placing.German reactions, namely nitrogen aldehyde and sugar in protein, nitrogen acid, and other carboldehyde in fat oxidized.Therefore, it is normal to change yellow for a period of time. Although it has a slight influence on the appearance, in fact, the taste is more mellow and sweet.

Polyna is also known as rice wine as a kind of sweet rice wine we like very much in daily life. The names are different, but the meaning is the same. The small amount of ethanol in the galeImprove the role of appetite.The temperature in spring slowly increases, and the fermented fermentation becomes yellow.If there is a black and reddish situation, these are the manifestations of contaminated by bacteria.Many bacteria are excreted, that is, when a bacteria activated, its metabolites will inhibit other bacteria (penicillin is the principle).If the wine is contaminated by the bacteria at the beginning, then the root mold and yeast will not work active, and the sweetness of the wine will not come out.It will deteriorate black hair red, taste bitter, and produces odor.

Why does the gap become yellow?Can you eat yellow?I believe that everyone is clear now. In fact, if you just turn yellow, you don’t have to worry too much. Generally, you can eat it normally.But if you are black or red, you can’t continue to eat it.

Follow me and take you to know more about food.

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