Can you feed dogs to drink mung bean soup in summer?No problem, but 4 precautions should keep shovel officers keep in mind

Can the mung bean soup of clearing heat and detoxifying, quenching thirst and reducing the heat give up the dog?

Every year to summer, in addition to the heat stroke, the case of heat stroke is endless. The most difficult thing is that once the dog has heat stroke, it will even threaten the dog’s life.When you get up, what foods should be arranged for dogs to help them cool down?

Today we will come to science. Can mung bean soup can be the gospel of dogs in the summer.

The effect of mung bean soup for dogs

Mung bean itself has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and swelling.

In summer, feeding dogs with mung bean soup can help dogs to relieve heat. In addition, it can also promote the discharge of toxins in the dog’s body and help the liver reduce the burden. Not only that, it can reduce the cholesterol of the dog.It also played a role.

But the mung bean is cold. If the shovel officer feeds the dog’s mung bean soup, it will also affect the health of the dog.

What should I pay attention to when feeding dog mung bean soup?

1. Don’t put sugar in mung bean soup

In order to make the mung bean soup taste better, some shovel officers will add a small amount of sugar inside, but it is recommended not to put sugar with mung bean soup feeding dogs.

In fact, it is not just mung bean soup. No matter what kind of ingredients to feed dogs, it is not recommended to put sugar, salt, and oil. Too much dog intake will not be conducive to digestion, but also cause obese skin diseases.

2. The amount cannot be large, at most one bowl is enough

Some people ask, since mung bean soup has so many benefits for dogs, can you feed a few more bowls?Obviously not.

If the dog drinks a lot of mung bean soup, it may cause the dog to have adverse reactions such as diarrhea and vomiting, and you cannot feed the dogs of the dogs to drink ice, which will also stimulate the stomach.

3. Some dogs should not drink

For example, dogs with poor stomachs, elderly dogs, and puppies are not recommended to feed mung bean soup. These dogs are generally sensitive and fragile. Drinking mung bean soup will stimulate their stomach and bring dogs with dogs.Feeling bad feelings.

4. Dogs can’t drink during pregnancy

Note that some dogs can not drink mung bean soup in some special periods, such as during pregnancy.

Mung beans are rich in vitamin A, which will affect the development of cubs in the dog’s belly.In addition, if the dog eats mung beans, if gastrointestinal discomfort, it will seriously cause diarrhea and even cause miscarriage.

In fact, normal speaking, it is beneficial to drinking the dog soup for dogs in summer, but as long as you pay attention to some matters, let’s give you a science below. In addition to the mung bean soup, what can you feed the dog in summerSummer food.

▲ Watermelon

Dogs eat watermelon can not only help them quench their thirst, but also dispel heat.

But because watermelon is also cold food, dogs with poor stomachs are not recommended to feed, otherwise it will hurt the dog’s spleen and stomach.In addition, dogs cannot digest watermelon seeds. If you want to feed dogs and watermelons, remember to give them the seeds.

▲ Cucumber

The cucumber is the same as mung bean soup, and it also has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat. If the dog is slightly angry, the cucumber can also help the dog to get angry.And cucumber can help dogs lose weight.

But not all dogs love cucumber, so you can try to feed the dog and see if it eats.

▲ Pear

The water of the pear can not only help the dog supplement the water, but also the dog can also reduce the fire when it is eaten. In summer, it is also a good choice to feed dogs and pears.

All in all, we must help the dogs in summer to make water replenishment. In addition, while keeping them cool, we must also pay attention not to freeze them and avoid cold.

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