Can you be a mother when you have kidney disease?

“Everyone follows kidney health”

Pregnant women suffering from kidney disease, if they are pregnant, can they be a mother?

Thinking of the spring three years ago, my husband and I were deeply troubled by this tricky problem.

In March of that year, I was 38 years old. I had been suffering from chronic nephritis for more than two years, but I was pregnant unexpectedly.Although it was an accident, it was also what our husband and wife were looking forward to it at that time.It’s just that she came a little earlier than our plan.

What is even more troublesome is that I do n’t know when I am pregnant, and I still drink Chinese medicine for chronic nephritis every day.What should I do?Can this child ask? We are thinking about this issue every day.

For the first time, we went to the hospital for examination. The gynecological doctor said: From the ultrasound result, the fetus now has a fetal heart without fetal buds. It may be time not to be checked in a week.Regarding my nephritis, she said that if you go to the medical doctor for consultation, we can’t do diagnosis for you.

That day, the doctor of the Department of Sciences had no number, so we went home first.Various inquiries on the Internet have divergent opinions, and there is no satisfactory result.

Kung Fu is worthy of people. In a group of nephritis I joined, I found a young mother. The situation is similar to me. The children are almost one year old.

I added her (for the time being to call her a) as a friend, ask her about her physical condition before and after pregnancy.

A said that she had a child, and her body was not a big deal.At the time of pregnancy, the urine protein is 2+, the blood is 1+, and the renal function is normal.Moreover, she stopped the medicine when preparing for pregnancy.

The process of her pregnancy has always been quite normal, but blood pressure and blood sugar have increased in the third trimester. The most important thing is signs of a little nephrotic syndrome, but in the end, there is no danger.

However, she was not as lucky as she was as a pregnant woman in the place with her (to distinguish her).B is a file built in a township hospital. The doctor there does not seem to know the harm of protein and hidden blood, and there is no indicator at all.As a result, when B gave birth to a child, there was a problem with kidney function. After giving birth to a child, he was directly hospitalized and healed kidney disease.

I remember that I asked A at that time: "Don’t you worry about your child?"

She said, "I believe my child is fine, and I will not be okay. And I know a master of a temple, he will be hexagram, and it is particularly accurate. Many people find him. He said that my adults and children are good."She also said she recited the scriptures for her children every day.

I remembered a lot of scriptures and Buddhist songs in her circle of friends.

After chatting with A, I also found "The Great Tragedy" to listen to it, and I thought about it a few times a day.

Soon a week passed, and we went to review again. Everything was normal and developed very well.

But the doctor who went to work that day was a male doctor, about 30 years old.As soon as he saw my urine test results, he gave me a stick directly: "Urine protein 2+, hidden blood 1+, how do you want a child? I suggest that you quickly terminate your pregnancy, so as not to be in the second trimester of pregnancy.The question is even more serious. "As soon as I heard this, my heart was cold.

After reading this doctor, my husband and I felt heavy.Since the doctor said so, should we give up pain?But really unwilling.Because both of us understand that this is the last chance for the second child.If you don’t have this time, you will not have any more in your life, after all, you will be there.

In the end, we finally decided to remove the child, and immediately hung up the number of another doctor.As a result, when I went to see it, the female doctor was particularly temperamental and impatient. He yelled, "Do you think about it?" I was in a bad mood, and she shouted inexplicably.The attitude is hard: "What do you think about it? I came to you for the first time, OK?"

She was unwilling to show weakness, and said angrily, "This case is written, you want it for a while, you will not want it, and think about it. Let me discuss with your lover. Besides, you won’t be able to do it today."

I came out of anger and thought: Even if I really do people, I don’t find a doctor like her, my attitude is too bad.

When I came out, I found that my husband was calling with anyone.After he hung up the phone, he told me: We will see someone tomorrow and let her see it.It turned out that he found a friend, who knew a doctor and gynecologist who was said to be very powerful. He wanted to hear what she said.After all, knowing people and not knowing people sometimes really different.

The next day, we went on an appointment, and there were a lot of people.I finally waited for us to see the doctor. She repeatedly looked at the case I took and said, "It should be possible, you have heard of this situation before, and the maternal and children are also very good. But the personal situation is different.The situation of others can only be used for reference, and it does not rule out that the situation is not good. I recommend a doctor of kidney disease, go there and see what he says. "

I went to the doctor she recommended, and I showed him my kidney disease test list, and also talked about drinking Chinese medicine before and after pregnancy.He also showed him the prescription he took.When he looked at the prescription, he was happy, saying that this was not the prescription of Teacher Zhu?Have you asked, what do Teacher Zhu say? We had to tell him the words of the old Chinese medicine.Old Chinese medicine says that traditional Chinese medicine may wish to do things without hurting the fetus.I mainly worry about adults’ bodies, after all, kidney disease.

While watching those test sheets seriously, he listened to me about the medical treatment.He said that he also agreed with the views of old Chinese medicine, but also said that he didn’t have to worry too much.It is said that the indicators of my body are within the range of pregnancy, and in the second trimester, and regularly monitor. If there are signs of elevation, take medicine immediately.

The result of this day of medical treatment made me look forward to this child.

After a week, I went to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital. On that day, the Department of Internal Medicine was a friendly female doctor.She heard the medical treatment, saying that this child was not absolutely unable to stay, but also depends on your kidney disease.Have you made 24h protein quantitative?Doing this test can more reflect your nephritis than that routine urine test.

24h urinary protein is collected from all of the urine from morning to night, and then a 24 -hour quantitative analysis.According to its results, we can know that our condition is strict.So, I collected urine the next day, and the test was completed on the third day.

However, when I got the test results in front of her, she also hesitated, and I dare not concluded at the end. It is said that if you are in insurance, you will not go to the provincial hospital to find an expert.

So we went to the provincial hospital and found the best doctor in the kidney department of the hospital.Now belongs to older pregnant women. Older age means the probability of children’s problems increase. Moreover, there are currently deformed and can not be found during pregnancy. If you go home, think about it anyway, there is one anyway, is there a need for this?Adventure? "Although he advised me to give up, I saw hope.

Later, I took his examination and diagnosis, and we went to find the doctor of the internal medicine department. She was also glad to say: From these results, you can actually ask this child, but you must also be prepared to be psychologically prepared to be risky.Essence"

In this way, as a pregnant woman in nephritis, can I retain my child’s problem, and I solved it almost all the hospitals where the hospital was running.It is not easy to give birth to a child, and it is even more difficult to bred a child with a mother of nephritis.For this child, we risked a lot.Just like the game breaks through the level, every step is carefully.The best result of yearning every day is also ready to break through the level at any time.Of course, we gambled. The child is more than 2 years old and smart.Thank you very much for the arrangement of destiny, and also reminded the female compatriots who have the same troubles, do not give up easily, and do not care about it. You must come according to your physical condition.Do your best and listen to destiny.

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