Can women who lose the uterus still live a husband and wife?Many people don’t understand, don’t neglect anymore

Dawei is 39 years old, his wife Xiao Li is two years younger than him. The two have been married for 20 years. There is a 13 -year -old son. As the second child policy opens, the couple moves and wants another child’s idea.After a period of hard work, Xiao Li was pregnant with his second child.

However, Xiao Li is a bit older. The pregnancy of pregnancy is very large to her body. The whole pregnancy is very hard, and people have not loved bullets.A moment.

After experiencing a long production process, Xiao Li gave birth to a baby girl. He never thought that in the next inspection, Dawei and Xiao Li received a very bad news, that is, their daughter did not even have no daughter.Uterus!

The couple are simply a thunderbolt on a sunny day. How could a daughter who worked so hard, how could there be no uterus?The two even wanted to kneel down for the doctor.Doctors sympathize with them, but they can only tell them that the current medical methods can not be implanted into the artificial uterus for their children. They are also powerless. The sad couples can only return to their home with their children.

Seeing this, some friends may want to ask, the uterus is so important, why do some women have nothing to do with it?HH?Don’t worry, for the uterine question, this article will answer in detail.

The uterus is one of the important organs of women who reproduce their offspring and maintain immune function, but in clinical practice, we often find that some female friends lose their uterus for various reasons.The case of the uterus also abounds.

Generally speaking, if a girl does not have a uterus in congenia, it is likely that the mother takes too much drugs during the birth of the mother, such as progesterone, antiepile epilepsy and other drugs.There are certain toxic and side effects in these drugs. During the growth stage of the fetus, the fetus is stimulated by these drugs and the uterine development is abnormal, resulting in the fetus without uterus.

Another possibility is that when the fetus is in the mother, the genetic mutation may occur due to genetic, radiation, and infection, which will also cause the fetus to have no uterus.

In addition to the case, there is no uterus, and some female friends will have to remove their uterus because of some inconsistent diseases, causing uterine lack, such as malignant tumors, benign lesions of uterine, and no effect after treatment.Postpartum hemorrhage and so on.

The reason why uterine malignant tumors need to remove women’s uterus is because the growth rate of malignant tumors is extremely fast, and it is easy to spread to other organs, which threatens the patient’s life.In order to reduce the risk of cancer cell diffusion and extend the survival of patients, it is necessary to remove as soon as possible.

For the benign lesions of the uterine, if the patient’s body has been seriously affected by the disease and the idea of no fertility, the patient may also perform the surgery of the uterine.

The postpartum hemorrhage that does not have effect after treatment requires removal of the uterus because of too long bleeding time, which will cause the patient to have a bleeding shock, which directly threatens the health of the patient. The uterus needs to be removed in time to keep the patient’s life.

Now everyone should understand why some women have no uterus?But this brings another problem, that is, after a woman loses the uterus, can they still live a husband and wife?Will it affect their bodies?

In fact, women’s uterus has no decisive significance to the life of husband and wife. If this patient does not have a uterus, but there is vagina, and the vagina develops normally, she can do her husband and wife life normally.

However, if female friends do not have a uterus, they will indeed have a certain impact on the body.Under normal circumstances, if humans want to reproduce offspring, they need sperm and eggs to form fertilized eggs. Fertilized eggs will enter women’s uterus, bed at 1/3 of the uterus, and form a placenta at the same time.

After that, the fertilized eggs will continue to grow, develop, and mature. After about 40 weeks, women will take the fetus through vagina to the body, and a new life will be born.The uterus was the original "house" of the baby during this time, allowing the baby to grow and develop in the mother.

However, women without uterus cannot provide the fetus with this growth and development "house". Babies can no longer grow in their mother’s body. Such women have no fertility.

Some female friends may think about whether they can use their eggs to form fertilized eggs with their lover’s sperm. Will this problem be solved by others?

Note that my country’s law does not support surrogacy. There are great ethical problems in the middle. If such patients want a child, they should choose to adopt this way.

In addition, women will find that after the uterine is removed, the vaginal dryness will appear in advance, and it is more likely to have pain in the life of husband and wife.

This is because after female friends lose their uterus, the blood supply to the ovary will be affected, accelerate ovarian aging, and greatly reduce the level of estrogen in female friends.

Some scholars have conducted relevant studies. The results of the study show that women who remove the uterus will be earlier than ovarian failure of their peers, and the chance of severe menopause will increase by more than 34%.

You know, the ovarian is an important organs that secrete estrogen. Ovarian failure is reduced, and estrogen is reduced. Once female friends do not have the nourishment of estrogen, vaginal secretions will decrease. In this case, husband and wife live, Naturally feel dry and painful.

In addition, the reduction of estrogen can make female friends aging faster.

Under normal circumstances, women will be aging rapidly after menopause. Removing the uterus is equivalent to allowing women to enter the menstrual period in advance, and they will also enter the aging state in advance. Women will find that they have many aging performance such as poor skin condition and decline in physical fitness.

Therefore, many female friends will regularly check the level of hormone in the body at the request of the doctor after removing the uterus, so as to supplement estrogen in time, so as not to cause much harm to the body of female friends.

Of course, these influences are physiological influence. In fact, after the removal of the uterus, female friends are a bigger problem with psychological influence.The reason why this is because women have influenced their fertility after removing the uterus, it is easy to produce their inferiority as others, and they will feel that their bodies are no longer sound.It is impossible to work normally after surgery.

Now everyone should understand. After the uterine resection, if the patient’s vagina is sound, it does not affect female friends and partners to live in the husband and wife, but this surgery will indeed affect the physical and mental health of female friends. In severe cases, it may change.The patient’s life, so everyone should maintain a relatively cautious attitude towards this surgery, and then conduct full communication with the doctors and family before surgery.

If you finally choose to perform uterine resection, don’t worry too much, you can perform some psychological intervention appropriately to help yourself stabilize your emotions.In addition, female friends should pay special attention to these things if they want to have a room after uterine resection.

1. Can not have a husband and wife life within 3 months after surgery

When many patients perform uterine resection, their partners are young and strong, and they have a strong demand for the life of husband and wife.Life.

This is because the uterus is connected to the vagina. If the husband and wife live prematurely, it may bring pathogenic bacteria to the incision of the vaginal residue, cause infection, delay the healing of wounds.Essence

Therefore, after women who want to be in the same room after resection of the uterus, they must be carried out after 3 months. At the same time, they should also do a corresponding examination before the same room to determine that the patient’s incision has been completely healed before returning to the same room.

2. Proper use of human lubricant

After female friends remove the uterus, the vaginal dryness will be more likely to occur. In order to reduce the pain of female friends and avoid damage to the vagina, it is recommended that you use human lubricants properly when the husband and wife live.Essence

The human body lubricant on the market can be divided into three categories: water -based, silicon and oil -based. The commonly used water -based and silicon -based.It is easy to cause allergies, but this type of lubricant is easier to evaporate, and it is necessary to replenish again in the process of husband and wife life.

The silicon -based lubricant focuses on lasting, and it will not affect it in water. You can choose the appropriate human lubricant according to your needs.

Although the uterus is of great significance for the reproduction and maintenance function of female friends, there are still some women who have no uterus due to drug effects or genetic mutations.Non -healing of benign diseases and other reasons have to choose to remove the uterus.

However, the loss of the uterus of female friends does not mean that she cannot live in her husband and wife. As long as the patient’s vagina is sound, it will not have any impact on the life of the husband and wife.However, the removal of the uterus will indeed make female friends aging faster, lose their fertility, and even cause psychological obstacles. For these patients, everyone must pay more attention to their physical and mental health.

In addition, if the patient wants to be in the same room with his partner after removing the uterus, you should also pay attention to two things. They do not perform the life of husband and wife within 3 months after the operation and use the human lubricant properly when the husband and wife live.Female friends return to health as soon as possible to reduce the pain caused by the same room.


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